Marche (ITI3)

General Information

  • Ancona
  • 9.401 km2   (2015)
  • 1.487.150 (2022)
  • 42.596,64 (2021)
  • % of the National GDP 2,39 (2021)
  • % of Unemployment 6,30 (2022)
  • Regional GERD (%) 1,02 (2020)
Urban Data Platform

S3 Thematic Platforms

S3 Priorities


Name Description
Business Services Economy Services design/ Ecodesign/ Human centred design; Web marketing/ Innovative communication solutions; Virtual services; Blockchain; Innovative logistic systems; Social innovation; Cybersecurity
Agrifood Precision Agriculture, Livestock, Fishery; Innovative packaging and conservation; Food quality and safety traceability; Circular economy and ecodesign; Organic and natural products; Functional and nutraceutical food; Culinary quality
Engineering and Mechanics New design and testing systems; Automation and collaborative robotics; Remote production, design and assistance; Smart production, sensors and artificial vision; Electrification for mobility; New sustainable and performing materials; Micro and Nanotechnologies; Additive manufacturing; New energetic technologies with a focus on hydrogen
Products and Services for Culture and Education New forms of access to arts and culture; Technologies for restoration; Creative digital applications; Performing materials and treatments, digital components; New educational models; Communication, language, learning; Arts and culture for social inclusion
Health and Wellness Industry Innovative diagnostics for medical precision; Medical devices for e-health; New approaches for territorial healthcare for fragile people; New drugs and innovative and predictive therapeutic approaches; Technologies for disabilities and recovery
Home, Furniture and Living Environments Interconnected furniture and appliances (IoT); Zero emissions furniture; Bioarchitecture and circular furniture; Seismic safety; Energetic sustainability with a particular attention to the heating and cooling system; Smart living and robotics; Innovative materials and treatments; New designs for living
Fashion and Beauty New sustainable and performing materials; Functional products for work, sports and care; New designs; Customization and personalization; Virtual fitting and virtual retail; Natural products for clothing and beauty; Smart labelling for traceability

You can obtain more detail following this link: EYE@RIS3 Priorities


Name Description
Integrated and sustainable manufacturing Application of energy efficient and low environmental impact technologies to productive processes in the manufacturing industries by combining innovation and labour safety procedures
Ambient Assisted Living and health industry Increasing provision of smart and high quality personal care products/services with focus on solutions and models for active longevity.
New advanced industrial automation solutions for mechatronics Robotic, automation systems and haptic interfaces for a higher performance and minimised environmental impact of different sectors, from micro mechanics to biomedical. Advanced mechanical and electronic technologies applied to biomedical sciences.
Smart homes for smart communities Create an integrated home automation system, including Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) for higher comfort, safety, and energy efficiency.

You can obtain more detail following this link: EYE@RIS3 Priorities

Digital Innovation Hubs

Technical Competences

Services Provided

Market Sectors

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