Piedmont (ITC1)

General Information

  • Capitarl city icon Torino
  • Region size icon 25.387 km2   (2015)
  • Population icon 4.256.350 (2022)
  • Regional GDP icon 136.006,78 (2021)
  • % of the National GDP 7,63 (2021)
  • % of Unemployment 6,60 (2022)
  • Regional GERD (%) 2,34 (2020)
Urban Data Platform

S3 Thematic Platforms

S3 Priorities


Name Description
Life Sciences Technologies for Wellbeing and Health eHealth, personalized medicine, imaging, diagnostics, regenerative medicine, prosthetics, scientific instruments, pharmaceutical biotechnology, bioinformatics and ICT for health research, oncology, cardiovascular, CNS and metabolic diseases, innovative and targeted pharmaceutical approaches, bioengineering and surgical robotics, advanced biomedical solutions.
Mechatronics applications for consumer and industrial products Mechatronics applications for consumer and industrial products, manufacturing processes, eco-efficiency and eco-compatibility, virtual performance simulation, mechatronics automation, human machine interface, micro and nanotechnology, manufacturing transformation.
Business innovation in textile and fashion, food, style and design (Made in Cross-sector innovation areas to develop market niches hand in hand with increasing innovative capacity in complex organizational and market contexts. Target areas: agri-food logistics, traceability, supply chain, future farming and livestock, wearable technologies and smart textiles for different professions.
New technologies and solutions for the automotive industry Innovative power units, alternative traction systems, high security mechanical components and subsystems, on-board systems for driving assistance, Car-to-Car Communication (C2C) and Car-to-Infrastructure technologies(C2I), fleet management systems, smart ticketing systems, integrated systems for city logistics and shared mobility, non-traditional materials, technologies for vehicles end-of-life.
New products and processes for green chemicals development (Cleantech) Bio-refineries and non-food biomass conversion plants for the production of chemicals, biofuels and bioplastics, management, treatment and valorisation of solid and liquid waste, management of secondary raw materials, technologies for the reclamation of polluted sites
New technologies and solutions for the aerospace industry Remotely piloted aerial systems, eco-compatible motor solutions, more electric aircraft, clean sky space exploration, orbit systems management, engineering logistics and control services, innovative platforms for application missions

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  • Email: matteo.defelice@regione.piemonte.it