Ireland (IE)

General Information

  • Dublin
  • 69.797 km2   (2015)
  • 5.060.004 (2022)
  • 426.283,40 (2021)
  • % of the National GDP 100,00 (2021)
  • % of Unemployment 4,60 (2022)
  • Regional GERD (%) 1,06 (2021)
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S3 Priorities


Name Description
Improving the National Enterprise Research and Innovation System Scope to improve the innovation potential of Irish SMEs by addressing hampering factors to RD&I activity such as lack of funds and innovation costs. Main driving forces identified in EDP to generate stronger unified RD&I ecosystem: • regional fora to bring together large companies, SMEs and HEIs to identify common areas for R&D; • collaboration on shared innovations when developed; • extended system of mentoring of SMEs by larger firms; • more comprehensive funding mechanisms.
International collaboration on RD&I International collaboration in RD&I contributes to development of Ireland as research and enterprise partner, underscoring and enhancing excellence of its RD&I system. EDP highlighted importance of concentrating on areas with significant international implications including decarbonisation, offshore electricity generation, quantum engineering and microprocessor production. Need highlighted to embrace greater diversity of funding/co-funding options in international research collaboration.
Green Transition for Enterprises With increased investment and smart targeted measures, Ireland can become leader in sustainable enterprise and green innovation. Significant export opportunities in renewable energy production identified in EDP, including distribution of Ireland’s future surplus offshore wind supply, as well as hydrogen generation and storage at international scale. EDP highlighted need for investment in RD&I to address challenges in areas such as geothermal energy, energy management and sustainable construction
Innovation diffusion All EDP submissions agreed good relationships already exist between higher education/research institutions and MNCs. EDP identified supports to further improve third level capacity to engage in knowledge transfer activities which include: a strong talent pipeline; multiple channels for collaboration; and greater collaboration between MNCs and indigenous SMEs, including through clusters; the continued funding of TTOs in the HEIs under the Technology Transfer Strengthening Initiative (TTSI).
Digitalisation and Digital Transformation Ireland ranks fifth out of 27 EU member states in Digital Economy and Society Index 2022. Overall agreement from EDP, however, on need to harness the potential of digital technologies in the manufacturing and SME sectors, as well as further enhancing digital adoption and innovation across enterprises. Key challenge to ensure an appropriate pipeline of skills/expertise to meet labour market demand in emerging technologies and sectors. Stakeholders feel need for greater focus on digital skills.

You can obtain more detail following this link: EYE@RIS3 Priorities


Name Description
Future Networks & Communications Future Networks & Communications
Innovation in Services & Business Processes Innovation in Services & Business Processes
Processing Technologies & Novel Materials Processing Technologies & Novel Materials
Manufacturing Competitiveness Manufacturing Competitiveness
Smart Grids & Smart Cities Smart Grids & Smart Cities
Marine Renewable Energy Marine renewable energy
Sustainable Food Production & Processing Sustainable Food Production & Processing
Food for Health Food for Health
Therapeutics – Synthesis, Formulation, Processing & Drug Delivery Therapeutics – Synthesis, Formulation, Processing & Drug Delivery
Diagnostics Diagnostics
Medical Devices Medical Devices
Connected Health & Independent Living Connected Health & Independent Living
Digital Platforms, Content & Applications Digital Platforms, Content & Applications
Data Analytics, Management, Security & Privacy Data Analytics, Management, Security & Privacy

You can obtain more detail following this link: EYE@RIS3 Priorities

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