Guadeloupe (FRY1)

General Information

  • Capitarl city icon Basse Terre
  • Region size icon -
  • Population icon 407.810 (2022)
  • Regional GDP icon 9.461,52 (2021)
  • % of the National GDP 0,38 (2021)
  • % of Unemployment 19,00 (2022)
  • Regional GERD (%) -
Urban Data Platform

S3 Priorities


*Former Region: Guadeloupe (FR91 in 2010)

Name Description
Geo-Climatic Risks addressing Geo-environmental hazards, public health - vegetal, animal and human
Creative industry
integrated health policy
Biodiversity and Agriculture
Renewable energy on islands Eco-efficiency, smart grids
Information and Communications Technology Potential of ICT in the development of the island with a transversal approach: agro-transformation, eco-tourism, creative industry, green IT, smart grid, etc

You can obtain more detail following this link: EYE@RIS3 Priorities