Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (FRL0)

General Information

  • Capitarl city icon Marseille
  • Region size icon -
  • Population icon 5.139.817 (2022)
  • Regional GDP icon 181.067,32 (2021)
  • % of the National GDP 7,24 (2021)
  • % of Unemployment 6,80 (2022)
  • Regional GERD (%) -
Urban Data Platform

S3 Priorities


*Former Region: Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (FR82 in 2010)

Name Description
Cultural industry, tourism and digital content Developing e-tourism solutions and increasing the number of international customers, and creating links between the transmedia and the smart city.
Energy transition and energy efficiency Advancing on energy-efficient building renovation through improved thermal insulation, managing and securing smart electricity networks and developing the production of marine renewable energy.
Risks, security and safety Promoting global solutions for environmental monitoring (land, sea, air and water) and crisis management, strengthening the technological competitiveness of security solutions and diversifying their application.
Health and food Improving patient care through early testing, medical diagnostic assistance and the development of medical devices, developing e-health solutions and preventing diseases through the promotion of the Mediterranean diet.
Smart and sustainable mobility Providing mobility solutions that allow optimising the management of flows of people and goods, developing new, energy-efficient and safe port and airport services and infrastructure and strengthening the industrial competitiveness of aeronautic and sea transport through the development of new transport vehicles and new activities.

You can obtain more detail following this link: EYE@RIS3 Priorities



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Digital Growth

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