Franche-Comté (FR43)

General Information

  • Capitarl city icon Besançon
  • Region size icon 16,202.3 km2  
  • Population icon 1,179,374
  • Regional GDP icon 27,767
  • % of the National GDP 1.43
  • % of Unemployment 8.4
  • Regional GERD (%) 2.94
Urban Data Platform

S3 Priorities


Name Description
Communicating vehicles, automated driving,mobility services Transport safety
Eco-efficient vehicles Hydrogen, Electric, Hybrid Vehicles, energy efficient transport
Microtechnique and luxury products (jewels, glasses, shoes, clocks), robotisation, micro manufacturing, nanomaterials.
Sustainable local food products productivity enhancement, intelligent captors.
Energy Efficiency and Integrated Systems Ecosystems' diagnosis, in transport, co-efficiency, storage et energy production, system engineering
ICT for societal applications Interactive simulation in real situations, combination of geographical software and tools, 3D modelisation, for safety and health, augmented reality applications

You can obtain more detail following this link: EYE@RIS3 Priorities



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