Pohjois-Savo (FI1D2)

General Information

  • Capitarl city icon Kuopio
  • Region size icon 20.366 km2   (2015)
  • Population icon 243.739 (2022)
  • Regional GDP icon 6.590,56 (2009)
  • % of the National GDP 3,63 (2009)
  • % of Unemployment 10.9
  • Regional GERD (%) 2.2
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S3 Thematic Platforms

S3 Priorities


Name Description
Biorefining (wood) and its Applications Bio-refining means several new opportunities to utilize bio-raw materials, the most important is wood. The development of biotechnology requires the scientific expertise of various fields such as pharmacy, medicine, drug development, nutrition science, biochemistry, physics research and bioinformatics. Bio-refining offers opportunities for traditional medical expertise and new applications, eg in food development. For wood molecules, there are also applications for use in energy, coatings, pesticides, filters and cleaning materials, food additives, drugs and water purification.
Digitalisation, ICT in Manufacturing and Energy Technology By utilizing digitalisation, the customer or end-user of the device is involved in the product development process. Production methods are developed to continuously improve productivity, which is a prerequisite for profitability and competition. The efficiency of manufacturing is increased, for example, by automation, robotization, efficient welding and assembly techniques, utilization of digital methods and Lean measures and leadership development. In the development of energy technology, the focus is on project know-how, design, manufacturing and service chain management, energy technology management of various fuels and installation expertise.
Nature tourism and cultural tourism New competitiveness of tourism is sought from internationalization, attractive and high quality products and product packages to international markets. The tourist strengths of North Savo can be found in nature. Nature tourism is being raised as the focus of development. It provides opportunities for corporate tourism products, for example. fishing, routing development, water tourism, hunting, berry picking, hiking, etc. Also, event tourism is strongly involved in development. Culture and cultural tourism products are part of the content tourism, ie cultural products in their various forms are part of tourism products. Sales and marketing are investing in digitization and making use of all the new tools that it brings.
Food& health, food product innovation, food and smart packaging The main objective of the industry is to strengthen the Nordic-style food culture and the Nordic people's pride in their own food chain. The European Region of Gastronomy status for 2020 was granted to Kuopio.The province's production (milk, berries and fish) provides opportunities for the development of products for health and pleasure. In product innovation, food product development and cultivation work are carried out on a customer-driven and market-driven basis. Development of packaging is one of the key factors in the industry. By utilizing intelligent packaging, freshness and quality are controlled, product information is provided and product chains are monitored.
Wood materials & processing, Wood construction & life cycle Growth in the industry requires the sawing capacity increase and the development of woodlogistics and robotics in the field. The logistical challenge is the weak condition of the lower road network, as the availability of wood throughout the year must be safeguarded. Develope measurement techniques and network-based services, forestry, marketing, analysis of wood materials and products. In product innovation chemical and mechanical wood processing and their side streams create the basis for wood-based bio-refining, other new products and new rotation economies. The added value of the wood is obtained by building a larger size wood. This requires the development of networks of wood construction. More wood engineering design expertise, digital planning and project management, the development of wood products, the matching of different materials together, and the management of the life cycle cost of wooden structures are needed.
Water processes and risk management North Savo, mainly in Kuopio, is a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary and water-based merger of several organizations and businesses. The strengths are water microbiology, water chemistry, groundwater and mineral water expertise and water purification techniques as well as monitoring expertise. The most important areas of application are mining, industrial and agricultural water processes. Production methods are developed for the monitoring and optimization of water and purification processes, as well as developing digital services for both control and monitoring and real-time delivery.
ICT and sofware technologies for pharmaceutical industry In the health sector, the greatest growth is expected from welfare technology. Kuopio has long been involved in pharmaceutical research, development and manufacturing. The implementation of new innovations utilizes software and information technology, data analysis and artificial intelligence, virtual reality and added reality, measurement and sensor technology, automation technology, information networks, logistics and marketing. A significant change in production methods is the development of local pharmaceuticals and other pharmaceutical logistics. By developing services and pharmaceuticals logistics, it enhances services and improves quality. New growth and entrepreneurship can be found in personal health tracking technology and tracking services.

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