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Guidebook for the preparation of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) for SDGs Roadmaps

This Guidebook is intended for interested national and local governments, agencies and institutions that wish to use roadmaps as a policy tool to harness STI as a means to achieve the SDGs. It may also be of interest to stakeholders taking part in the dialogue – an essential stage in design,...

UNITED NATIONS INTER-AGENCY TASK TEAM Science Technology And Innovation For Sdgs; EUROPEAN COMMISSION Joint Research Centre
Assessing Smart Specialisation: Monitoring and Evaluation Systems

Our analysis aims to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of monitoring and evaluation systems of national and regional authorities implementing Smart Specialisation strategies. In addition, based on the literature review and on the evidence gathered by our research project, this publication...

Fatime Barbara Hegyi, Francesco Prota
POINT review of Industrial Transition of Bulgaria

The review of industrial transition in Bulgaria analyses the current situation and also sketches future directions for the development of industrial capabilities that, in the spirit of the European Green Deal, jointly tackle economic and societal challenges.

Support services for Centres of Vocational Excellence

In 2018 the European Commission launched a flagship initiative for Vocational Education and Training (VET), a policy area in which the European Union (EU) has intervened since the Treaty of Rome. Labelled Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs), the objective is to support pioneers of high...

Edwards, J.H., Redford, D. and Paiva, T.
POINT Review of Industrial Transition of Greece

Greece is setting its sight to a sustainable future that also leads to increased prosperity and greater social cohesion. Building on stakeholder consultations and extensive research following the POINT (Projecting Opportunities for INdustrial Transitions) methodology of the JRC, the review...

JANSSEN Matthijs; TOLIAS Yannis; PONTIKAKIS Dimitrios
Reflections Guiding Smart Specialisation Strategies Impact Assessment

This report analyses the potential impact of Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3) in the quality of policy governance and innovation ecosystem, as well as, its effects in terms of growth and jobs. It is based on the main findings of a collective reflection carried out from March to December 2020...

Caroline Cohen