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Entrepreneurial discovery process Europe: Tools and mechanisms

This policy insight focuses on the tools and mechanisms used by countries and regions to foster efficient entrepreneurial discovery processes (EDP), within their smart specialisation strategies.

Inmaculada Perianez-Forte; James Wilson
Assessing Smart Specialisation: The entrepreneurial discovery process

This report presents some insights based on new evidence collected on the smart specialisation policy experience across EU regions and countries. Evidence collected suggest that the way in which the entrepreneurial discovery process should be stimulated and organised remains highly...

Inmaculada Perianez-Forte; James Wilson
S3 Newsletter Special Issue: Smart Specialisation for the Recovery

The special issue of the Smart Specialisation Newsletter builds on the presentations held during the 'Smart Specialisation for the Recovery' online workshop on 15 April 2021 that gathered more that 920 participants. It aims to showcase the collaborative approach embraced by leading European...

Cohen, C., Goenaga Beldarrain, X., Kyriakou, D., Garcia Dominguez, X. and Galnares Rodriguez, P. editor(s)
Assessing Smart Specialisation: governance

This report provides some insights on the impact of Smart Specialisation on the governance of research and innovation policy systems across EU regions and countries.

GUZZO Fabrizio; GIANELLE Carlo
The Smart Specialisation Policy Experience: Perspective of National and Regional Authorities

This publication presents the results of a survey, launched in 2020 as part of a research project performed by the Smart Specialisation platform to gain new insights on the Smart Specialisation (S3) policy experience across the European Union (EU). Survey results provides evidence on the state of...

HEGYI Fatime Barbara; GUZZO Fabrizio; PERIANEZ FORTE Inmaculada; GIANELLE Carlo
Overview of the existing STI for SDGs roadmapping methodologies - Background paper

This background paper serves as an Annex to the United Nation’s Guidebook for the Preparation of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) for SDGs Roadmaps. Its purpose is to provide an overview of the existing methodologies and approaches that can be used to develop the Roadmaps. While the first...

Guidebook for the preparation of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) for SDGs Roadmaps

This Guidebook is intended for interested national and local governments, agencies and institutions that wish to use roadmaps as a policy tool to harness STI as a means to achieve the SDGs. It may also be of interest to stakeholders taking part in the dialogue – an essential stage in design,...

UNITED NATIONS INTER-AGENCY TASK TEAM Science Technology And Innovation For Sdgs; EUROPEAN COMMISSION Joint Research Centre