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Smart Grid Lab Research in Europe and Beyond

In this survey, the objective is to identify current trends in the smart grid research by exploring the work carried out in numerous smart grid labs worldwide.

Jansen, L., Andreadou, N., Papaioannou, I. and Marinopoulos, A.
EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities: Collaboration in a RIS3 Context

This report elaborates on the benefits and opportunities of collaboration between the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), its Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) and the communities involved in developing and implementing Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart...

Nida Kamil Ozbolat, Karel Haegeman, Katerina Sereti
Open Data, Open Science & Open Innovation for Smart Specialisation monitoring: Lessons from the project “S3 Targeted Support in Lagging Regions”

This document reports the key outcomes of the Study on the use of open data, open science & innovation (ODSI) for S3. The study was commissioned by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) to SIRIS Academic and implemented, in a collaborative fashion, from May to December 2019.

Elisabetta Marinelli, Enric Fuster Martí, Sabine Plaud, Arnau Quinquilla, Francesco Massucci
Smart Specialisation and the Wider Innovation Policy Context in the Western Balkans

This paper gives an overview of the main elements of the Smart Specialisation concept and surveys the existing strategic frameworks for innovation in the Western Balkan economies. The analysis addresses the relevance of these frameworks and policy documents for smart specialisation, and...

Nikola Radovanovic; Maximilian Benner