Eye@RIS3: Innovation Priorities in Europe Eye@RIS3: Innovation Priorities in Europe

Name [NUTS ID] Description Economic Domains Scientific Domains Policy Objectives Source Date of Source Published Actions
Oppland [NO022] Experience economy
Creative, culture and tourism industries.
R - Arts, entertainment and recreation
   R.90 - Creative, arts and entertainment activities
   R.91 - Libraries, archives, museums and other cultural activities
   R.93 - Sports activities and amusement and recreation activities
10 - Culture, recreation, religion and mass media
   10.85 - Cultural services
   10.86 - Racial, cultural and social integration, sociology of science, religion, art, sport and leisure; media, language, libraries, archives and cultural policy
   10.87 - Recreational and sporting services
C - Cultural & creative industries
   C.16 - Development of regional cultural & creative industries
   C.17 - Support to link cultural & creative industries with traditional industries
Other study or source: National report on regional specialisations Nov - 2013 Published

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