This Handbook is targeted principally at national and regional authorities responsible for smart specialisation, and is intended to illustrate how they can form strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships with HEIs.


The HESS Handbook provides advice for S3 managers on how to form closer partnerships with Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), including issues such as:
  •     Understanding Higher Education systems and career incentives,
  •     The role played by HEIs in the EDP and monitoring,
  •     How to design effective funding instruments,
  •     Involvement of HEIs in S3 governance structures.

The Handbook is the result of more than two years of analysis and cooperation with regions on HEIs can contribute to the design and implementation of S3 as part of the HESS project, a joint initiative of the JRC and DG Education, Youth, Sport and Culture. However, we still have more to learn and further case studies are ongoing. Therefore the Handbook is labelled version 1.0 because we would like to receive feedback from regions, HEIs and other stakeholders. Furthermore, it will be updated once we are clearer on how funding arrangements will be organised post 2020.

Your comments

We would be happy to receive comments by email. We promise to reply and tell you how your suggestions will be taken into account when the Handbook is revised. Please send an email to JRC-B3-LAGREG@ec.europa.eu

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