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DIH PANNONIA, located in Vinkovci, Croatia, is a digitalisation promotion centre. It operates as the centre for digital transformation of entrepreneurship and food processing sector, while VSC DA holds the role of activity coordinator. DIH PANNONIA is an instrument of support to economic entities, emphasising on food processing sector, with the purpose of competitiveness improvement by developing their business and production processes using the implementation of digitalisation and creation of new products and services. DIH PANNONIA services will enable digitalisation and introduction of Industry 4.0 into economic entities with an emphasis on agriculture and food industry. DIH PANNONIA users are scientific research centres, public institutions and economic entities in the Slavonia, Baranja, and Srijem area.

DIH PANNONIA’s mission is to push the boundaries of innovation-based development and to contribute to digitalisation according to the principles, priorities and realisations of goals set out in the EU Declaration of cooperation on ‘A smart and sustainable digital future for European agriculture and rural areas’, the Digital Agenda for Europe, the European Digital Strategy, the National Reform Programme and the 2030 National Development Strategy.

Digital technologies are able to increase the efficiency of economic entities and improve production, as well as contribute to improving systems’ sustainability from an economic, social and environmental standpoint. Such technologies are able to improve all types of production, allow better decision-making and reshape the functioning of the market. Increased use of digital technologies is going to have a positive impact on the quality of working conditions, business efficiency and the economy as a whole. 

DIH PANNONIA’s task is the promotion of digital transformation and provision of services for the increase of the application of digital technologies in the real, public, and science research areas, as well as in all sectors, with an emphasis on food processing sector.

DIH PANNONIA gives opportunity for easier propelling of strategic partnerships, better cross-border cooperation for various projects, start-up companies, micro-enterprises and SMEs, which deal with digital technologies. Simultaneously, it connects business entities from different industries with interest in using and implementation of newly created innovative solutions.

DIH PANNONIA will provide services/activities of:

-   Promotion of digitalisation and technology and knowledge transfer,

-  Organisation of training and guidance for the digital skills development of economic entities,  public sector, students and family farms, with the access to the professional knowledge of universities and other consortium partners,

- Education and skill development provision, needed for a successful digital transformation,

- Support to economic entities, public administration and other users in improving business models by using new technologies,

-   Networking and connecting providers and users in the digital transformation line at the national     and international level,

- Providing access to product testing and experimentation infrastructure,

-  Advisory services in accessing financial means and the use of financial mechanisms,

-  Preparation and implementation of development projects for users,

- Support for the development of innovative ecosystems and networking opportunities.

Through the services of consortium, DIH PANNONIA will provide entrepreneurs with:

  • Access to technology for prototyping production,
  • Advanced research equipment and laboratories for the development of high-tech digitalised solutions
  • Digitalisation and technology transfer educations

DIH PANNONIA will operate through a strong consortium members partnership, of which every member will provide a certain level of specialized services with a joint goal of opening new job positions and strengthening the economy of Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem.

DIH PANNONIA consortium includes 15 partners, whose vision is focused on connecting relevant stakeholders in an efficient business support system in order to become more efficient by way of developing smart skills, creating new innovations, thus becoming more competitive in their line of work as well. Carefully designed consortium, consisting of two universities specializing in technology transfer and business development, and 4 faculties, the Rectorate of the University in Osijek, five public regional coordinator institutions from Slavonija, Baranja and Srijem, entrepreneurs, eminent ICT associations of the civil sector, provides interdisciplinary and systematic support to entrepreneurs in the Vukovar-Srijem County and beyond. The partnership of scientific and research higher education institutions in agrobiotechnical, technology and primarily food technical field will ensure the expertise transfer and enable access to innovative technologies for new product experimentation, development and testing in all sectors of economic development in the easternmost part of Croatia. The consortium’s scientific research sector will also deal with the knowledge transfer related to the development of digital skills. Experts within the consortium will provide systematic and interdisciplinary support tailored to the profile and needs of every individual entrepreneur. This support will strengthen innovation capacity and create added value.

All 5 development agencies in the region will provide advisory services for finance access and use of financial mechanisms for specific innovation needs in the region and each county, through their role of entrepreneurial support institution. Moreover, they will implement advisory services regarding business and other management, as well as, technical and consulting assistance in the implementation of programs and projects, educational activities for the project preparation and implementation, informational and educational activities (workshops, seminars, round tables, info days).

The role of entrepreneurs with implemented Industry 4.0 and within the consortium is very important as it serves as an example of good practice and support provider to entrepreneurs/clients through a direct practical example of the results of digital transformation and providing consulting services in achieving business growth by way of digitalisation.

Non-profit associations are link to the civil sector. They operate within the consortium and in the field of promoting digitalisation and technical sciences, software development, encouraging entrepreneurship in the IT sector, increasing the attractiveness of the development profession, increasing developers’ competitiveness in the market, legal entities’ networking and gathering of natural persons interested in IT sector strengthening and development on the territory of the Republic of Croatia and abroad if necessary, solving professional tasks and organising professional and scientific lectures and conferences in the electrical engineering, computing and information technologies field.

In addition to this fact, the consortium is open for the admission of new partners, as well as cooperation with other DIH consortia within or outside of Croatia and international networks.

It will operate as a One-stop-shop and offer comprehensive and complete support and concrete solutions to companies for introduction of digitalisation into their business processes, product and service development, sales and distribution in order to implement Industry 4.0 principles.

DIH PANNONIA operates in close cooperation with the start-up incubator within the Regional Center for Digitization and Development, since the incubator is one of the components of the Regional Center, as is DIH PANNONIA itself. The start-up incubator is connected with the activities of DIH PANNONIA, through which it will provide start-up companies with the necessary professional support and specialized infrastructure in the digitalization process.

DIH PANNONIA will operate in association with consortium, of which every member will provide a certain level of specialised services.

In association with the members of consortium, the users are going to be provided with intersectoral cooperation of institutions in the field of economy, with an emphasis on food industry.

By means of DIH PANNONIA, Vukovar-Srijem County Development Agency (VSC DA) will play an active role in providing advisory services regarding the access and use of financial mechanisms intended for specific innovation needs of the region, and will strengthen financing realisation activities with advisory services for business growth by digitalisation and support in implementing Industry 4.0 into production processes in the economy.

The coordinator of DIH PANNONIA is VSC DA, which operates as a public institution, established by the Vukovar-Srijem County with the aim of successful coordination and incentivisation of regional development of the County, and an entrepreneurial support institution.  DA VSC, as a member of the BOND network and entrepreneurial support institution, through its activities has achieved long-term cooperation with entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial support institutions, universities, local and regional self-government units and government agencies throughout Croatia, and has a representative in the Thematic Innovation Council for Food and Bioeconomy, which operates within the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. Thanks to this, DIH will expand its activities at the national level to the field of bioeconomy.

The workings of consortium members will allow users intersectoral cooperation of institutions in the economy field. The emphasis will be on the food industry with numerous connections to activities, projects and cooperation:

Aiming to attract investments, VSC DA carries out activities of One Stop Service Centre (OSSC) as a part of its public actions. Whereby, it influences on the progress of the investment climate in the easternmost part of Croatia. OSSC provides assistance and support to potential investors by way of accessibility of all necessary information in one place.

DIH PANNONIA services are compatible and upgrade to the services of Danube Transfer Centre (DTC), dynamic international network, which operates by connecting the scientific, real, public and civil sector on the Quadruple Helix Model of innovation principle and, hence, the role of DIH PANNONIA is strengthened in the wider area. VSC DA is the entry point for the implementation of the activities of Danube Transfer Centre for the area of 5 Slavonian counties. The main task of DTC is to continuously connect business sector with scientific research institutions, thus trying to bridge the gap between research and innovations by creating new products and services, improving knowledge and incentivising interregional and transnational cooperation.

The Pannonian Centre for the Application of Digital Technologies in Agriculture is one of the key projects, whose activities will be operated through DIH PANNONIA. Its goal is efficiency improvement of agricultural production by introducing the latest technological solutions (such as robots, sensors, wireless systems, satellites and drones, applicable programs and artificial intelligence systems), which will contribute to optimisation of agricultural production.

Crowdhelix ( is an open innovation platform, which enables connections between international networks of excellent researchers and innovation companies. Crowdhelix connects a group of leading research institutions and innovative companies across the world in order to be able to plan and implement Horizon Europe projects together. 

Establishment of the Open Innovation System of the Adriatic-Ionian region (OIS-AIR Innovati Network), whose network member is FERIT, CTR and others, coordinated by the AREA Science Park, connects innovation centres across the region: local assets and infrastructure related to research activities and excellence acquisition, incubators and accelerators, specialisation, consolidation of human capital with the aim of critical mass creation as a key condition for meeting the technological and innovation needs of SMEs and social growth achievement. OIS-AIR uses a multi-level approach while observing transnational innovation cooperation: strategic planning and policy orientation, skills development, personalised tools creation, methodologies and services, development of pilots for industrial research cooperation schemes.

Technological Incubator Nova Gradiška (TING) is a joint project of the city of Nova Gradiška and Industrial Park Nova Gradiška, with a total value of 29 million euros. The project is used to build and equip a facility, with the total area of 5.000 m2, in the business zone. The facility is intended as a rentable space for entrepreneurs, so called “co-working” space, and is funded by the European regional Development Fund (ERDF).

STRONGER - Interreg IPA HR-BA-ME is a project aimed at SMEs and natural persons from the Republic of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro who are active in cultivation, collection and processing of plants. Striving to overcome the lack of professional information, organised business and clusters, specific knowledge in the medicinal, aromatic, and spice plants sector, and specialised laboratory services, a partnership was established focused on education and advisory activities among development agencies, scientific institutions and business associations. Project aims to strengthen the business support organisations and research institutions for support offering and advisory services to entrepreneurs in the Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. This information allowed the market access and promoted the cross-border activities in the industry of medicinal plant collection and processing. A B2B e-platform and e-learning had been established, the laboratory for testing medicinal plants in Zadar (Croatia) had been equipped, as well as the laboratory for processing medicinal plants in Orašje (Bosnia and Herzegovina), a presentation and sale of products space in Montenegro had been equipped while more than 100 entrepreneurs had been educated. 

The Centre of Vocational Excellence in Biocenomics mission is to improve competencies in agricultural production of students of agricultural high schools, university students, professors, students of lifelong learning and adult education, entrepreneurs, family farms in the region. Moreover, its mission is to provide regarded persons with access to modern equipment, infrastructure and methods, and enable them to be competitive in the modern environment and increasingly fast-growing productivity and competitiveness, both locally and worldwide. The vision of the Centre is to become the leading centre of the wider region in which leading experts in the field are educated and trained, as well as high school students who will be trained to work in organic production using the latest tools and technologies applied in practice, with an emphasis on digitization and automation in plant production and with programs specifically adapted for the disabled, students with disabilities and people with special needs.

The Faculty of Agrobiotechnical Sciences Osijek is a member of the Database of Competent Organizations of the European Food Safety Agency, which includes over 300 universities, institutes, government, public and other scientific bodies that currently form a network of member organizations working in the fields within EFSA. EFSA promotes links between these organizations through the coordination of joint activities, information exchange, development and implementation of joint scientific projects. This networking is further enhancing the exchange of expertise and best practices in these scientific fields.

TRAIN-CE-FOOD project - acquiring innovative specialized skills for young people, empowering them to use entrepreneurial and cooperative skills and thinking that will enable them to create more effective cooperative solutions and business models in the field of CE and food supply chains through open online learning, workshops and detailed distance learning.

Diversity of local pig breeds and breeding systems for high quality traditional products and sustainable pork chains - TREASURE, Horizon 2020, in which participate 25 partners from 9 countries. Research and development activities are being carried out for the benefit of sustainable pig chains based on European local pig breeds and their production systems. The work program is planned to respond to consumer demands for the quality and health of pork products with a regional identity and social demands for environmental protection and the development of the local agro-economy.

Harmonization and innovation in doctoral study programs for plant health in sustainable agriculture (HarISA) - Erasmus +, the project will harmonize and modernize doctoral education in the Western Balkans and create a network of researchers able to respond to current challenges in plant health. The aim of the project is to support the modernization and internationalization of higher education in the field of plant health and to contribute to cooperation between the EU and the Western Balkan countries in the implementation of the European Union's plant health policy. It also seeks to ensure the acquisition of scientific knowledge and the transfer of skills and competences to be achieved through the sustainable use of pesticides and the application of the basic principles of integrated plant protection in agricultural production.

Technology and Innovation Centre with an incubator for the development of rural economy and entrepreneurship, IPA III Regional Development - for the development of rural economy and entrepreneurship is designed to promote new technologies, innovations and entrepreneurship in rural areas. Activities are aimed to connect science and economy and providing infrastructural, financial and advisory support to innovative and technologically mentioned projects.

IT conference "KulenDayz" - held at the Rectorate of the University J. J. Strossmayer in Osijek

80 lectures and workshops were held. This unique conference was organized by MSCommunity, Osijek Software City, BIOS, PMI Association Croatia, Academy of Arts and Culture and J. J. Strossmayer University in Osijek. The conference covered topics from advanced programming, databases, IT Pro, web technologies, design, project management, as well as topics that are formed on the spot in the open part of the lecture.

EUROPEAN NIGHT OF RESEARCHERS - held at the Rectorate of the J. J. Strossmayer University in Osijek

The organization of the European Researchers' Night is the main activity of the Techno-Past Techno-Future project; European Researchers´ Night funded under the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation 2014-2020 - Horizon 2020, coordinated by the Ministry of Science and Education in cooperation with the following institutions: Institute for Social Research in Zagreb, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Old Slavonic Institute, Institute for Adriatic Culture and Karst Reclamation, Mediterranean Institute for Life Research, British Council, University of Zagreb, University of Split, University of Zadar, University of Dubrovnik, University of Pula, University of Rijeka, University of Osijek, State Intellectual Property Office , Croatian Catholic University, University of the North and Croatian Science Foundation. Activities within the European Researchers' Night are intended for primary and secondary school students, students and the general public. The aim of the project is to popularize science by connecting science and the general public and to encourage investment in people who will change, mobilize and involve citizens and better communicate the impact of science on the development of society.

Project "Science Center of Excellence for Personalized Health Care"

Competitiveness and Cohesion Operational Program 2014-2020. "Increased capacity of the Research, Development and Innovation (IRI) sector to conduct top quality research and meet the needs of the economy".

The purpose of the project is to strengthen the scientific research capacities of ZCI for personalized medicine through the employment of new researchers and the procurement of research equipment needed to carry out project activities. The general goal of ZCIPersonHealth is to create an interdisciplinary network of researchers conducting research on the above ZCI topics, within the S3 priorities set for the period 2016-2020.

Development of a quality control machine and a palletizing machine in the automotive industry (IRI 2 project; holder Experio d.o.o, SFSB partner; the project has started; primary research is in the field of metal processing, and is based on the application of artificial intelligence).

Center of Competence for Advanced Engineering Nova Gradiška

Faculty of Slavonski Brod participates in 7 collaborative RDI projects aimed at the development and commercialization of new high value-added products. One of the started RDI projects is the Development of a food quality control system involving Clarum d.o.o, ININ Informatički Inženjering d.o.o and SFSB, and the research is based on the application of computer vision, supported by neural networks, genetic algorithms and fuzzy logic.

Technological Innovation Center ViroviticaERDF. Project partners are extremely important due to their specific knowledge in the scientific field of biotechnical sciences, and agreed to contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of agriculture and food processing industry through research, development and innovation. Within the Technology and Innovation Center, there is a Department for Honey, Medicinal Herbs, Milk, a Room for Spectrometry and Microscopy, a Room for the Preparation of Samples for Analysis and a Conference Hall. The Technological Innovation Center in Virovitica is equipped with the most modern laboratory equipment and will carry out research and development projects in the scientific fields of agriculture, biotechnology and food technology by scientific institutions.

Pannonian Wood Competence Center (PWCC)- the only center for the development of the wood industry in Croatia that provides services to small and medium enterprises from the wood processing sector in Croatia and the region, in all phases of development of final wood products, i.e., products with higher added value, with emphasis on innovation. PWCC also provides technology transfer services to small and medium enterprises and prototyping services for innovative wood products, product design services, packaging design for wood products and products of related industries, then business consulting and branding services.

Center for Research and Development in Dairy Science

The project of building and equipping the Center for Research and Development in Dairy, worth 36 million kuna and it will create conditions for better positioning of the dairy industry on the market.

The aim is to direct research towards the needs of the economy, supporting research, development and innovation projects of research organizations in cooperation with the public sector. Also, the Center will have the role of transferring knowledge, new technologies, innovations and trends from the dairy processing sector, and scientific and research institutions will use the Center's capacities for research and development and educational purposes. 

DIH PANNONIA je centar za promociju digitalizacije smješten u Vinkovcima (Hrvatska) u okviru Regionalnog centra za digitalizaciju i razvoj, djeluje kao centar za digitalnu transformaciju poduzetništva i prehrambeno-prerađivačkog sektora; koordinator aktivnosti je Razvojna agencija Vukovarsko-srijemske županije. DIH PANNONIA je instrument potpore gospodarskim subjektima s naglaskom na prehrambeno-prerađivački sektor u cilju unaprjeđenja konkurentnosti poboljšanjem njihovih poslovnih/proizvodnih procesa kroz uvođenje digitalizacije i stvaranje novih proizvoda i usluga. Usluge DIH-a PANNONIA omogućit će digitalizaciju i uvođenje industrije 4.0 u gospodarske subjekte, s naglaskom na poljoprivredu i prehrambenu industriju, a korisnici usluga DIH PANNONIA su znanstveno-istraživački centri, javne institucije i gospodarski subjekti na području Slavonije, Baranje i Srijema.

Misija DIH PANNONIA je pomicati granice razvoja utemeljenih na inovacijama i pridonijeti digitalizaciji u skladu s načelima i prioritetima zacrtanima u Deklaraciji EU-a o 'Pametnoj i održivoj digitalnoj budućnosti europske poljoprivrede i ruralnih područja', realizaciji ciljeva Digitalne agende za Europu, Europske strategije za digitalizaciju, Nacionalnog plana reformi i Nacionalne razvojne strategije 2030.

Digitalne tehnologije mogu povećati učinkovitost gospodarskih subjekata i poboljšati proizvodnju, a također doprinijeti poboljšanju održivosti  sustava s gospodarskog, društvenog i okolišnog gledišta. Takve tehnologije mogu unaprijediti sve vrste proizvodnje, omogućiti bolje donošenje odluka i preoblikovati funkcioniranje tržišta. Povećana uporaba digitalnih tehnologija će imati pozitivan utjecaj na kvalitetu uvjeta rada, efikasnost poslovanja i gospodarstva u cjelini,  a također utječe na poticanje razvoja gospodarskih aktivnosti.

Zadaća DIH-a PANNONIA je promocija digitalne transformacije i pružanje usluga za povećanje primjene digitalnih tehnologija u realnom, javnom i znanstvenom-istraživačkom području, u svim sektorima, s naglaskom na prehrambeno-prerađivački sektor.

DIH PANNONIA omogućava lakše pokretanje strateških partnerstava i kvalitetniju prekograničnu suradnju za različite projekte, start up tvrtke te mikro, mala i srednja poduzeća koja se bave digitalnim tehnologijama, dok istovremeno omogućava povezivanje gospodarskih subjekata iz različitih industrija s interesom za korištenje i implementaciju novostvorenih inovativnih rješenja.

Usluge/aktivnosti DIH PANNONIA su slijedeće:

  • promocija digitalizacije i transfer znanja i tehnologije,
  • organizacija treninga i osposobljavanja za razvoj digitalnih vještina gospodarskih subjekata, javnog sektora, studenata i OPG-a, s pristupom stručnom znanju sveučilišta i ostalih partnera konzorcija,
  • osiguranje edukacija i razvoja vještina potrebnih za uspješnu digitalnu transformaciju,
  • potpora gospodarskim subjektima, javnoj upravi i drugim korisnicima u unaprjeđenju poslovnih modela korištenjem novih tehnologija,
  • umrežavanje i povezivanje ponuđača i korisnika usluga u području digitalne transformacije na nacionalnoj i međunarodnoj razini,
  • osiguravanje pristupa infrastrukturi za testiranje proizvoda i eksperimentiranje,
  • savjetodavne usluge vezane uz pristup financijskim sredstvima i korištenje financijskih mehanizama,
  • usluge pripreme i provedbe razvojnih projekata za korisnike,
  • potpora razvoju inovativnih ekosustava i mogućnosti umrežavanja.

DIH PANNONIA će osigurati poduzetnicima kroz usluge konzorcija:

  • pristup tehnologiji za izradu prototipova proizvoda,

- naprednoj istraživačkoj opremi i laboratorijima za razvoj visoko tehnoloških digitaliziranih rješenja

  • edukacije u području digitalizacije i transfera tehnologije

DIH PANNONIA će također poticati zanimanje djece i mladih za digitalne tehnologije kroz suradnju s obrazovnim institucijama te im omogućiti infrastrukturu za daljnji razvoj znanja i vještina.

DIH PANNONIA će djelovati kroz snažno partnerstvo članica konzorcija, od kojih će svaki član pružati određenu razinu  specijaliziranih usluga, a sve s ciljem stvaranja novih radnih mjesta i jačanje gospodarstva Slavonije, Baranje i Srijema.

Konzorcij DIH PANNONIA obuhvaća 15 partnera, čija je vizija usmjerena na povezivanje svih relevantnih dionika u učinkoviti sustav potpore poduzećima, kako bi korištenjem digitalnih tehnologija, razvijanjem pametnih vještina i stvaranjem novih znanja  inovativnija, a time i konkurentnija u svom poslovanju. Pomno osmišljen konzorcij, sastavljen od dva sveučilišta, Sveučilišta Josipa Jurja Strossmayera iz Osijeka i Sveučilišta u Slavonskom Brodu, specijaliziranih za transfer tehnologije i poslovni razvoj i pripadajuća 4 fakulteta, rektorata osječkog Sveučilišta, pet javnih ustanova regionalnih koordinatora s područja Slavonije, Baranje i Srijema, poduzetnika, eminentnih IKT udruga iz područja civilnog sektora, osigurava interdisciplinarnu i sustavnu potporu poduzetnicima na području Vukovarsko-srijemske županije i šire. Partnerstvo znanstveno-istraživačkih visokoobrazovnih ustanova iz agrobiotehničkih, prehrambeno-tehnoloških i tehničkih područja osigurat će prijenos stručnog znanja i omogućavanje pristupa inovativnim tehnologijama za eksperimentiranje, razvoj i testiranje novih proizvoda u svim sektorima nositeljima gospodarskog razvoja krajnjeg istoka Hrvatske, prije svega prehrambeno-prerađivačkog sektora.  Znanstveno-istraživački sektor u okviru konzorcija će se također baviti i prijenosom znanja vezanih uz razvoj digitalnih vještina. Stručnjaci u okviru konzorcija će pružati sustavnu i interdisciplinarnu potporu prilagođenu profilu i potrebi pojedinog poduzetnika, što će doprinijeti jačanju inovacijskih kapaciteta i stvaranje dodane vrijednosti.

Svih 5 regionalnih razvojnih agencija svojom ulogom poduzetničkih potpornih institucija, s dugogodišnjom poveznicom s javnom upravom i regionalnom samoupravom, pružat će savjetodavne usluge za pristup financijskim sredstvima i korištenje financijskih mehanizama namijenjenih specifičnim inovacijskim potrebama u regiji, a također i u pojedinoj županiji. Ujedno, provodit će usluge savjetovanja u vezi s poslovanjem i ostalim upravljanjem uz pružanje tehničke i konzultativne pomoći u provedbi programa i projekata, edukativne aktivnosti u svrhu pripreme i provedbe projekata, informativno-edukativne aktivnosti (radionice, seminari, okrugli stolovi, info-dani).

U okviru konzorcija važna je uloga poduzetnika s implementiranom industrijom 4.0 u svom poslovanju, kao primjeru dobre prakse i pružatelju potpore poduzetnicima/klijentima putem direktnog praktičnog primjera rezultata digitalne transformacije i pružanja savjetodavne usluga u ostvarenju rasta poslovanja kroz primjenu digitalizacije.

Neprofitne udruge koje djeluju u okviru konzorcija su poveznica sa civilnim sektorom, a djeluju u području promocije digitalizacije i tehničkih znanosti, razvoja softwarea,  poticanje poduzetništva u IT sektoru, povećanje atraktivnosti developerske struke, povećanje konkurentnosti programera na tržištu rada,  umrežavanje pravnih osoba i okupljanje fizičkih osoba zainteresiranih za jačanje i

razvoj IT sektora na području Republike Hrvatske, a po potrebi i inozemstvu, rješavanje stručnih zadataka i organiziranje stručnih i znanstvenih predavanja i skupova u oblasti elektrotehnike, računarstva i informacijskih tehnologija.                  

Isto tako, konzorcij DIH PANNONIA otvoren je za prihvat novih partnera, kao i suradnju s drugim DIH konzorcijima unutar i izvan Hrvatske i suradnju s međunarodnim mrežama.

Djelovat će kao one-stop-shop i nuditi sveobuhvatnu i zaokruženu podršku i konkretna rješenja tvrtkama za uvođenje digitalizacije u svoje poslovne procese, razvoj proizvoda i usluga, prodaju i distribuciju s ciljem provedbe načela industrije 4.0.

DIH PANNONIA djeluje u uskoj suradnji sa start-up inkubatorom u okviru Regionalnog centra za digitalizaciju i razvoj, obzirom da je inkubator jedna od sastavnica navedenog Regionalnog centra, kao što je i sam DIH PANNONIA. Start-up inkubator je povezan s aktivnostima DIH PANNONIA, a kroz koji će start-up tvrtkama osigurati potrebnu stručnu podršku i specijaliziranu infrastrukturu u procesu digitalizacije.

Razvojna agencija Vukovarsko-srijemske županije (RA VSŽ) će kroz DIH PANNONIA imati aktivnu ulogu u pružanju savjetodavnih usluga vezanih uz pristup financijskim sredstvima i korištenje financijskih mehanizama namijenjenih specifičnim inovacijskim potrebama u regiji, a aktivnosti realizacije financiranja nadopunjavati savjetodavnim uslugama za rast poslovanja kroz digitalizaciju i pomoć pri uvođenju industrije 4.0 u procese proizvodnje u gospodarstvu.

Koordinator/nositelj aktivnosti u okviru DIH PANNONIA je Razvojna agencija Vukovarsko-srijemske županije, koja djeluje kao javna ustanova osnovana od strane Vukovarsko-srijemske županije (VSŽ) s ciljem učinkovite koordinacije i poticanja regionalnog razvoja Županije, koja je ujedno i poduzetnička potporna institucija. RA VSŽ, članica mreže BOND i poduzetnička potporna institucija, kroz svoje je aktivnosti ostvarila dugogodišnju suradnju s poduzetnicima, poduzetničkim potpornim institucijama, sveučilištima, jedinicama lokalne i regionalne samouprave te vladinim agencijama diljem Hrvatske, a ima i predstavnika u Tematskom inovacijskom vijeću za hranu i bioekonomiju, koji djeluje pri Hrvatskoj gospodarskoj komori. Zahvaljujući tome, DIH  će svoje djelovanje proširiti na nacionalnoj razini na područje bioekonomije.

Usluge DIH PANNONIA obavljat će se unutar službenih prostorija članova konzorcija, a u skorijoj budućnosti i u prostorijama novoizgrađenog Regionalnog centra za digitalizaciju i razvoj u Vinkovcima, koji je od izuzetnog značaja za digitalnu transformaciju na području Slavonije, Baranje i Srijema.

Djelovanjem članova konzorcija omogućit će se korisnicima intersektorska suradnja institucija iz područja gospodarstva s naglaskom na prehrambenu industriju, uz brojen poveznice na aktivnosti, projekte i suradnje:

U okviru javnog djelovanja RA VSŽ provodi aktivnosti One Stop Service Centra (OSSC), koji ima za cilj privlačenje investicija, što utječe na razvoj investicijske klime u najistočnijem dijelu Hrvatske. OSSC pruža usluge pomoći i potpore potencijalnim investitorima, kroz dostupnost svih potrebnih informacija na jednom mjestu.

Usluge DIH PANNONIA su kompatibilne i nadograđuju se na usluge Dunavskog centra za inovacije i transfer tehnologije (DTC), dinamične međunarodne mreže, koja djeluje kroz povezivanje znanstvenog, javnog, realnog i civilnog sektora na quadruple helix principu i na taj način jačanja uloge DIH PANNONIA na širem području. RA VSŽ je ulazna točka za provedbu aktivnosti Dunavskog centra za inovacije i transfer tehnologije za područje 5 slavonsko-baranjsko-srijemskih županija, a glavna zadaća DTC-a je kontinuirano povezivanje poslovnog sektora i znanstveno-istraživačkih institucija, čime se nastoji premostiti raskorak između istraživanja i inovacija stvarajući nove proizvode i usluge, unaprjeđujući znanje i potičući međuregionalnu i transnacionalnu suradnju.

Panonski centar za primjenu digitalnih tehnologija u poljoprivredi je također jedan od značajnih projekata, čije će aktivnosti djelovati kroz DIH PANNONIA, kojemu je cilj poboljšanje efikasnosti poljoprivredne proizvodnje uvodeći najnovija tehnološka rješenja kao što su roboti, senzori, bežični sustavi, sateliti i dronovi, primjenjivi programi i sustavi umjetne inteligencije, koji će doprinijeti optimizaciji poljoprivredne proizvodnje.

Crowdhelix ( je platforma za otvorene inovacije koja uspostavlja veze između međunarodne mreže izvrsnih istraživača i inovacijskih tvrtki. Crowdhelix povezuje skupinu vodećih istraživačkih institucija i inovativnih tvrtki širom svijeta kako bi zajedno mogli planirati i provoditi projekte Obzor Europa.

Mreža otvorenog inovacijskog sustava Jadransko-jonske regije (OIS-AIR Innovair Network), FERIT je članica mreže, koordinirane od strane znanstvenog parka AREA (engl. AREA Science Park), povezuje inovacijske centre rasprostranjene po cijeloj regiji: lokalnu imovinu i infrastrukturu vezanu za aktivnosti istraživanja i postizanja izvrsnosti, inkubatore i akceleratore, specijalizaciju, okrupnjavanje ljudskog kapitala s ciljem stvaranja kritične mase kao ključnog uvjeta za zadovoljenje tehnoloških i inovacijskih potreba MSP-ova i postizanja društvenog rasta. OIS-AIR koristi pristup s više razina kada promatra transnacionalnu suradnju u inovacijama: strateško planiranje i usmjerenost politika, razvoj vještina, osmišljavanje personaliziranih alata, metodologije i usluge, razvoj pilota za industrijsko-istraživačke sheme suradnje.

Tehnološki inkubator Nova Gradiška (TING) - projekt grada Nova Gradiška i Industrijskog parka Nova Gradiška d.o.o., ukupne vrijednosti 29 mil. kn, kojim se u poslovnoj zoni gradi i oprema objekt ukupne površina 5.000 m2 namijenjen za najam poduzetnicima uključujući tzv. „co-working“ prostor, a financiran je iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj.

STRONGER – Interreg IPA HR – BA – ME - projekt usmjeren malim i srednjim poduzećima i fizičkim osobama s područja Hrvatske, BiH i Crne Gore koji se bave uzgojem, sakupljanjem i preradom bilja. Pokušavajući prevladati nedostatak stručnih informacija, organiziranog poslovanja i klastera, specifičnih znanja za sektor ljekovitog, aromatičnog i začinskog bilja te specijaliziranih laboratorijskih usluga, uspostavljeno je partnerstvo usredotočeno na obrazovanje i savjetodavne aktivnosti između razvojnih agencija, znanstvenih ustanova i udruženja poduzetnica. Cilj projekta je bio osnažiti organizacije koje podržavaju poslovanje i istraživačke institucije za pružanje podrške i savjetodavnih usluga poduzetnicima u Hrvatskoj, Bosni i Hercegovini i Crnoj Gori. To im je omogućilo pristup tržištu i promoviralo prekogranične aktivnosti u industriji prikupljanja i prerade ljekovitog bilja. Uspostavljena je e-platforma za B2B i e-učenje, opremljen laboratorij za ispitivanje ljekovitog bilja u Zadru (RH), opremljen laboratorij za preradu ljekovitog bilja u Orašju (BiH), opremljen prostor za prezentaciju i prodaju proizvoda (CG) i educirano više od 100 poduzetnika.

Centar strukovne izvrsnosti u bioekonomiji - Misija CIB-a je unaprijediti kompetencije u poljoprivrednoj proizvodnji polaznika srednjih poljoprivrednih škola, polaznika visokih učilišta, profesora, polaznika cjeloživotnog obrazovanja i obrazovanja odraslih, poduzetnika, OPG-ova u regiji, osigurati im pristup najsuvremenijoj opremi, infrastrukturi i metodama, te im omogućiti da budu konkurentni u suvremenom okruženju i sve brže rastućoj produktivnosti i konkurentnosti kako lokalno, tako i u EU i u svijetu. Vizija CIB-a je da postane vodeći centar šire regije u kojem se educiraju i usavršavaju kako vodeći stručnjaci u tom području, tako polaznici srednje strukovne škole koji će po njenom završetku biti osposobljen za rad u biološkoj proizvodnji korištenjem najsuvremenijih alata i tehnologija primijenjenih u praksi, s naglaskom na digitalizaciju i automatizaciju u biljnoj proizvodnji i uz programe posebno prilagođene invalidima, učenicima s teškoćama i osobama s posebnim potrebama.

Fakultet agrobiotehničkih znanosti Osijek član je Baze podataka nadležnih organizacija Europske agencije za sigurnost hrane u kojoj sudjeluje preko 300 sveučilišta, instituta, vladinih, javnih i drugih znanstvenih tijela koji trenutno čine mrežu organizacija država članica koje djeluju na poljima unutar misije EFSA-e. EFSA promiče veze između ovih organizacija kroz koordinaciju zajedničkih aktivnosti, razmjenu informacija, razvoj i provedbu zajedničkih znanstvenih projekata. Ovo umrežavanje dodatno pojačava razmjenu stručnosti i najboljih praksi u tim znanstvenim područjima.

TRAIN-CE-FOOD projekt - stjecanje inovativnih specijaliziranih vještina za mlade, osnažujući ih da koriste poduzetničke i kooperativne vještine i razmišljanja koje će im omogućiti stvaranje učinkovitijih kooperativnih rješenja i poslovnih modela u području CE i lanaca opskrbe hranom putem otvorenih online učenja, održavanjem radionica i detaljno  podučavanje na daljinu.

Raznovrsnost lokalnih svinjskih pasmina i sustava uzgoja za visoko kvalitetne tradicionalne proizvode i održive lance svinjskoga mesa - TREASURE, Obzor 2020, u kojemu sudjeluje 25 partnera iz 9 država. Provode se istraživačke i razvojne aktivnosti u korist održivih svinjskih lanaca koji se temelje na europskim lokalnim pasminama svinja i njihovim proizvodnim sustavima. Program rada planiran je da odgovori na zahtjeve potrošača za kvalitetom i zdravljem svinjskih proizvoda s regionalnim identitetom i društvenim zahtjevima za očuvanjem okoliša i razvojem lokalne agroekonomije.

Harmonizacija i inovacije u doktorskim studijskim programima za zdravlje biljaka u održivoj poljoprivredi (HarISA) – Erasmus+, projekt će uskladiti i modernizirati doktorsko obrazovanje u zemljama zapadnog Balkana i stvoriti mrežu istraživača sposobnih odgovoriti na trenutne izazove u zdravlju biljaka. Cilj projekta je pružiti potporu modernizaciji i internacionalizaciji visokog obrazovanja u području biljnog zdravlja i doprinos suradnji između Europske unije i zapadnih zemalja Balkan u provedbi politike Europske unije o zdravlju biljaka. Također se nastoji osigurati stjecanje znanstvenih znanja i prijenos vještina i kompetencija koje treba postići održiva uporaba pesticida i primjena glavnih načela integrirane zaštite bilja u poljoprivrednoj proizvodnji.

Tehnološko-inovacijski centar s inkubatorom za razvoj ruralnog gospodarstva i poduzetništva, IPA III Regionalni razvoj - za razvoj ruralnog gospodarstva i poduzetništva osmišljen je za promicanje novih tehnologija, inovacija i poduzetništva u ruralnom području. Aktivnosti su usmjerene na povezivanje znanosti i gospodarstva i osiguravanje infrastrukturne, financijske i savjetodavne potpore inovativnim i tehnološki navedenim projektima. Poduzetnički inkubator prekriven je solarnim pločama što svim korisnicima omogućuje uštedu na administrativnim troškovima. Također se koristi za razvijanje svijesti o mogućnostima napretka kroz održivi razvoj.

IT konferencija „KulenDayz“

Održano 80 predavanja i radionica. Ovu jedinstvenu konferenciju organizirali su MSCommunity, Osijek Software City, BIOS, PMI Udruga Hrvatska, Akademija za umjetnost i kulturu te Sveučilište J. J. Strossmayera u Osijeku. U okviru konferencije pokrivene su teme iz naprednog programiranja, baza podataka, IT Pro, web tehnologija, dizajna, projekt menadžmenta, kao i teme koje se oblikuju na mjestu događaja u otvorenom dijelu predavanja.


Organizacija Europske noći istraživača je glavna aktivnost projekta Techno-Past Techno-Future; European Researchers´ Night koji je financiran u sklopu Okvirnoga programa EU-a za istraživanje i inovacije 2014. – 2020. – Obzor 2020., a kojega koordinira MZO u suradnji sa sljedećim ustanovama: Institut za društvena istraživanja, Institut Ruđer Bošković, Staroslavenski institut, Institut za jadransku kulturu i melioraciju krša, Mediteranski institut za istraživanje života, British Council, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Sveučilište u Splitu, Sveučilište u Zadru, Sveučilište u Dubrovniku, Sveučilište u Puli, Sveučilište u Rijeci, Sveučilište u Osijeku, Državni zavod za intelektualno vlasništvo, Hrvatsko katoličko sveučilište, Sveučilište Sjever i Hrvatska zaklada za znanost. Aktivnosti u okviru Europske noći istraživača namijenjene su učenicima osnovnih i srednjih škola, studentima, te široj javnosti. Cilj projekta je popularizacija znanosti povezujući znanost i širu javnost te poticanje ulaganja u ljude koji će mijenjati, mobilizirati i uključivati građane te bolje komunicirati utjecaj znanosti na razvoj društva.

Projekt „Znanstveni centar izvrsnosti za personaliziranu brigu o zdravlju“

Operativni program Konkurentnost i Kohezija 2014-2020. „Povećana sposobnost sektora za istraživanje, razvoj i inovacije (IRI) za provođenje istraživanja vrhunske kvalitete i zadovoljavanje potreba gospodarstva“, Vrhunska istraživanja Znanstvenih centara izvrsnosti

Svrha projekta je jačanje znanstveno-istraživačkih kapaciteta ZCI za personaliziranu medicinu kroz zapošljavanje novih istraživača i nabavom istraživačke opreme potrebne za provođenje aktivnosti projekta. Opći cilj ZCIPersonHealth je stvaranje interdisciplinarne mreže istraživača koji provode istraživanja iz navedenih tema ZCI, u okviru prioriteta S3 postavljenim za razdoblje 2016-2020.

Razvoj stroja za kontrolu kvalitete i stroja za paletizaciju u automobilskoj industriji (IRI 2 projekt; nositelj Experio d.o.o, partner SFSB; projekt je započeo; primarna istraživanja su u području metaloprerađivačke proizvodnje, a temeljena su na primjeni umjetne inteligencije).

Jedna od aktivnosti koju provodi SFSB: Projektiranje i istraživanje sustava kontrole proizvoda na temelju računalnog vida

Centar kompetencija za napredno inženjerstvo Nova Gradiška

SFSB sudjeluje u 7 kolaborativnih RDI projekata usmjerenih na razvoj i komercijalizaciju novih proizvoda visoke dodane vrijednosti. Jedan od započetih RDI projekata je Razvoj sustava za kontrolu kvalitete prehrambenih proizvoda u kojem sudjeluje Clarum d.o.o, ININ Informatički Inženjering d.o.o i SFSB, a istraživanja su temeljena na primjeni računalnog vida, potpomognutog neuronskim mrežama, genetičkim algoritmima i fuzzy logikom.

Tehnološko inovacijski centar Virovitica - je financiran iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj. Partneri u provedbi projekta te daljnjem radu su Prehrambeno tehnološki fakultet Osijek i Poljoprivredni fakultet u Osijeku. Navedeni projektni partneri iznimno su važni zbog specifičnih znanja iz znanstvenog područja biotehničkih znanosti te su uključivanjem u projekt pristali dati doprinos u jačanju konkurentnosti poljoprivrede i prehrambeno prerađivačke industrije kroz istraživanje, razvoj i inovacije.

U okviru Tehnološko-inovacijskog centra nalaze se Odsjek za med, Odsjek za ljekovito bilje, Odsjek za mlijeko, Prostor za spektrometriju i mikroskopiju, Prostor za pripremu uzoraka za analizu i Konferencijska dvorana. Tehnološko inovacijski centar u Virovitici je opremljen najsuvremenijom laboratorijskom opremom a provodit će istraživačko-razvojne projekata u znanstvenim poljima poljoprivrede, biotehnologije i prehrambene tehnologije od strane znanstvenih institucija.

Panonski drvni centar kompetencija - jedini centar za razvoj drvne industrije u Hrvatskoj koji pruža usluge malim i srednjim poduzetnicima iz drvno-prerađivačkog sektora u Hrvatskoj i regiji, u svim fazama razvoja finalnih proizvoda od drva, odnosno proizvoda s većom dodanom vrijednošću, s naglaskom na inovacije. Uz istraživanje i razvoj proizvoda od drva i prateće industrije, Panonski drvni centar kompetencija obavlja i usluge transfera tehnologije prema malim i srednjim poduzetnicima te usluge izrade prototipa inovativnih proizvoda od drva, uslugu dizajna proizvoda, dizajna pakiranja za proizvode od drva i proizvode pratećih industrija, zatim usluge poslovnog savjetovanja i kreiranja robnih marki.

Centar za istraživanje i razvoj u mljekarstvu

Projekt izgradnje i opremanja Centra za istraživanje i razvoj u mljekarstvu vrijedan 36 milijuna kuna, dio je Razvojnog Sporazuma za područje Slavonije, Baranje i Srijema, a njegovim otvaranjem stvorit će se uvjeti za bolje pozicioniranje mliječne industrije na tržištu.

Cilj je usmjeriti istraživanja prema potrebama gospodarstva, podržavajući projekte istraživanja, razvoja i inovacija istraživačkih organizacija u suradnji s javnim sektorom. Također, Centar će imati ulogu transfera znanja, novih tehnologija, inovacija i trendova iz sektora prerade mliječnih proizvoda a znanstvene i istraživačke institucije će kapacitete Centra koristiti u istraživačko-razvojne i edukativne svrhe. Kao potporna institucija razvijati će nove metode proizvodnje i kvalitetnije proizvode koji mogu konkurirati u sektoru mljekarstva i nuditi usluge za istraživanje i razvoj novih proizvoda na bazi mlijeka, usluga probne proizvodnje novih proizvoda od mlijeka prema zahtjevu poduzetnika iz mljekarskog sektora, kao i usluge laboratorijskih istraživanja. Centar će omogućiti edukacije i stručne treninge obrtnika i poljoprivrednih proizvođača. Centar za istraživanje i razvoj u mljekarstvu nuditi će slijedeće usluge: Usluge istraživanja i razvoja novih proizvoda na bazi mlijeka, usluge prerade mlijeka u mliječne proizvode te usluge podrške transferu tehnologija odnosno transfer procesne i proizvodne tehnologije.


Contact Data

Coordinator (Economic development agency)
Vukovar-Srijem County Development Agency
Year Established
A. Aksamovica 31, 32100, Vinkovci (Croatia)
Social Media
Contact information
Vedrana Dzoic
+385 99346 96 33


Organizational form
(part of) Public organization (part of RTO, or university)
Number of employees


  • Additive manufacturing
  • Big data, data analytics, data handling
  • Internet of things
  • Mobility & Location based technologies
  • Robotics
  • Simulation, modelling and digital twins

Vukovar-Srijem County Development Strategy 2018 - The County has achieved significant results in terms of developing ICT solutions for citizens and businesses, primarily in the field of physical planning (IZAK system - issuing acts in the field of physical planning and construction, GIS map of the County, digital spatial plan of the County and local units). However, the county is underutilizing the potential of ICT technology to improve employee performance. Employees do not sufficiently use more advanced forms of communication based on ICT solutions, and the information system is very poorly developed. Name of the measure: 3.1.4. Development of ICT infrastructure Priority: 3.1. Improving economic infrastructure Strategic goal 3. Modern infrastructure and environmental protection ICT infrastructure finds applications in all branches of the economy and in all fields of science, and is the basis for the successful operation of entrepreneurship, as well as all social and state structures. For these reasons, it is explicitly important to facilitate access to and use of information and communication technology in all sectors, especially with an emphasis on the county, state and social structure. The aim of this measure is to create an ICT environment with which we will help entrepreneurs in other activities in the transfer and development of technologies, and the accelerated commercialization of knowledge and innovation. The VSC needs to create conditions for the unhindered expansion of research, development, production and all forms of use of information and communication technology, which is essential for joining the developed world. Due to the wide range of applications and opportunities offered by the ICT infrastructure (data collection, storage, transmission and processing), information and communication technology can further strengthen and improve VSC.


Main objective of Smart specialization strategy for Croatia from 2016. to 2020. and its Action plan is to create new capacities in the knowledge and innovation field. The goal is to achieve the highest potential in transformation of Croatian economy to economy based on activities of research, development, and innovation. There are 6 strategic objectives:

• Capacity enhancement for research, development and innovation for reaching scientific excellence and to complete economic needs

• Overcoming the fragmentation in innovation value chain and the gap between research and business sector

• Modernization and diversification of Croatian economy through increase of private research and development

• Improvement of position in global value chains and internationalization of Croatian economy

• Establishment of cooperative relationship regarding social challenges

• Smart skills build-up – enhancement of existing and new labour force for smart specialization

As one of horizontal topics of this Strategy is an IT Sector. It is one of crucial factors of economic and

social development, considering people skills, technology level, added value, business results, share in BDP etc. DIH will certainly provide a link between research and business sector, it will push VSC and Croatian economy towards better market position and strengthening the growth possibility. It will create a skilled labour force able to compete on global market an deal with global trends.


One of goals of the Europe 2020 strategy is to raise spending of EU countries up to 3% for research and development.

Market and Services


  • Agriculture and food
  • Education
  • Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment
  • Manufacture of machinery and equipment
  • Public administration

TRL Focus

  • TRL1 - Basic principles observed and reported
  • TRL2 - Technology concept and/or application formulated
  • TRL3 - Analytical and experimental critical function and/or characteristic proof of concept
  • TRL4 - Component and/or breadboard validation in laboratory environment
  • TRL5 - Component and/or breadboard validation in relevant environment

Services provided

  • Awareness creation
  • Ecosystem building, scouting, brokerage, networking
  • Collaborative Research
  • Mentoring
  • Education and skills development
  • Other

Service Examples

Optimization of providing services

Client profile: Providing consulting services, business improvement and digitalization.

Client needs: Increasing the number of potential clients for consulting services in the field of digital transformation and lean management, promotion of the project ""100 Smart Factories""

Provided solution to meet the needs: The agency provided services for creating and managing Google campaigns and implementing web analytics. Compared to the previous period, the number of inquiries, website traffic and awareness of projects and services provided by the company has significantly increased.

More details:

SEO optimization

Client profile: The company is committed to providing energy and automated digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability

Client needs: The company, a global expert in energy management and automation, needed to increase the attendance of the Croatian and Slovenian versions of the website, the number of applications to the partner portal and the share of organic traffic.

Provided solution to meet the needs: Through targeted Google, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn advertising campaigns, precise targeting of customers and continuous SEO optimization, the agency managed to increase website traffic by 20%, the number of applications, the share of organic traffic in total traffic, and thus achieve the set goals.

Google campaign

Client profile: The company is engaged in the procurement, production / processing, storage, sale and distribution of dried fruits, nuts, seeds and legumes.

Client needs: A leading company in the production and distribution of dried fruits and nuts in the domestic market, whose primary goal was to increase online sales.

Provided solution to meet the needs: Thanks to carefully designed Google campaigns for each product category and web analytics configuration, the agency was able to double online sales compared to the pre-collaboration period.

More details:

Developed platform for fitness industry

Client profile: fitness industry

Client needs: connecting users with personal fitness trainers around the world

Provided solution to meet the needs: The developed platform enables distance training and contains applications for mobile phones and tablets, multiple cameras, training analysis, which allows the user to experience training from home that is comparable, and in some cases better than live training.

Development and establishment of a joint study ICT in agricultural sciences


Client profile: Faculty of Agrobiotechnical Sciences Osijek and Faculty of Electrical Engineering,

of Computing and Information Technologies Osijek

Realized solution of the client's request/need: The goal of the project is primarily based on the assessment and simulation of university capacities (two mentioned) for digital transformation in order to create a new graduate study in the field of digital technologies. The project provided institutional support for the integration and adaptation of different technologies, testing and experimentation with digital technologies and the transfer of this technology, which created a curriculum for the implementation of the graduate study program Digital Agriculture, where students will take 4 semesters and computing with the greatest emphasis on teaching units applications of information and communication technologies in agricultural production, professional and scientific systems.


Development of new food supplements


Client profile: Osijek-Baranja County

Realized solution of the client's request / need: The goal of this project is to develop new food supplements based on bee products and selected medicinal herbs (propolis herbal drops, honey mixtures and api-syrups). In this way, the range of products available on the market would be enriched, but it would also directly affect the encouragement of family farms in Osijek-Baranja County that have the appropriate raw materials to work with the Faculty of Food Technology Osijek to develop new products. Slavonia would be recognizable.

Production and quality control of essential oils and hydrolates of selected aromatic plants

Client profile: Osijek-Baranja County

Realized solution of the client's request / need: The emphasis of the project is on the commercial valorization of research results and transfer of these results to the application level and especially on strengthening the links of the academic community with small farmers from Osijek-Baranja County. One of the important results of this project will be the encouragement of these small agricultural producers to grow and process medicinal and aromatic plants in the Osijek-Baranja County.

Development and production of functional products from traditional apple varieties

Client profile: Osijek-Baranja County

Realized solution of the client's request / need: Traditional apple varieties have higher proportions of bioactive compounds, important factors in the plant's defence against stress conditions, higher antioxidant activity and genetic profile that makes them more resistant to climatic conditions, plant diseases and other forms of abiotic stress. Given the obvious advantages over commercial apple varieties and the lack of research in this area, project proposal involves applied research of traditional apple varieties with the aim of developing and producing functional products from traditional apple varieties.

Optimizing the production of functional products based on barley malt flour

Client profile: Osijek-Baranja County

Realized solution of the client's request / need: This research is of great importance for Osijek-Baranja County because it places special emphasis on the use of domestic varieties of naked barley, which will indicate to farmers in Osijek-Baranja County the importance and production potential of this type of barley. human nutrition, compared to its usual use in animal feed production. The purpose of the research is to expand the knowledge of local producers of flour-based products, about the potential use of naked barley flour and malt flour in the production of functional value-added products (reduced sugar and increased dietary fiber and β-glucans).

Developed application for accelerated production through digitalization and business automation

Client profile: A company engaged in the production of decorative ALU, PVC and HPL panels for entrance doors

Client needs:Improving communication and organization between production departments and developing a system for storing and monitoring finished products

Provided solution to meet the needs: Developed application for surveillance, organized monitoring of stored goods via bar code, accelerated production through digitalization and business automation

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Developed application (mobile and web) for improvement of business organization

Client profile: The company specialized in design, construction, installation, reconstruction and maintenance of swimming pools, pool equipment as well as retail and wholesale of pool and wellness equipment.

Client needs: Reduce problems in organizing and monitoring business

Provided solution to meet the needs: Developed application (mobile and web) that has the role of creating and editing work orders of employees in charge of maintenance. The employee paints the situation before and after the project and attaches the pictures of the construction site to the work orders, thus recording the monitoring of the work on the construction site.

This application also offers bidding options, including those that cannot be made in ERP, and also reduces the need to use Excel. The application is connected to the client's existing ERP systems. Among other things, the application includes integrated receipts, wholesale and retail invoices, reservation of goods and entry of goods into the warehouse.

Developed application for systematic monitoring of works and warehouse status

Client profile: A company that sells materials and equipment for domestic and industrial heating systems and their installation and service.

Client needs: Reduce problems in organization and management, reorganize the system of ordering goods and design a system for monitoring the condition of materials and equipment in the warehouse.

Provided solution to meet the needs: Developed application that enables systematic monitoring of works and warehouse status directly connected to POS devices for cashless payment

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  • Horizon 2020
  • European Regional Development Fund
  • National basic research funding
  • National specific innovation funding
  • Regional funding


Number of customers annually
Type of customers
  • Start-up companies
  • SMEs (<250 employees)
  • Research organisations
  • Partners

    H2020 Projects

    • BOWI
      Boosting Widening Digital Innovation Hubs

      Boosting Widening Digital Innovation Hubs

      BOWI project addresses the challenge of limited capacities among DIHs to support the uptake of SAE/I4MS technologies during the last 7 years in the European industry at large. The overall aim of the project is to create a DIH widening network that supports the collaboration of new DIHs (proto-hubs) in regions where SAE and I4MS technologies are underrepresented and well-established DIHs that are highly experienced in these technologies (mature hubs). BOWI takes the first step towards creating a fully sustainable post-project network by:
      1. Strengthening proto-hubs by carrying out actual experiments and facilitating the collaboration between proto-hubs and mature hubs;
      2. Ensuring sustainability of BOWI network by developing a blended financing accelerator and membership model;
      3. Creating the BOWI community, initiating the participation of proto-hubs, mature hubs, regional stakeholders, and investors.
      The mechanism will be first tested by supporting 6 pioneer proto-hubs (pioneer stage), which will be later extended to 9 proto-hubs in the second full-fledged strengthening stage, allowing new members of the EU DIH community to participate, including the proto-hubs and mature hubs that are currently not part of the consortium. The post-project BOWI network business model is to be explored, including service and funding needs. To ensure practical experience, all 15 proto-hubs will be supported to conduct 60 (15x4) SAE/I4MS uptake experiments with SMEs in total. For this purpose, an extensive FSTP approach will be used.
      The consortium includes experienced partners that participate intensively in the SAE/I4MS strategies (Civitta, FBA, VTT, and RWTH). They are complemented by 6 proto-hubs from various countries that act as pioneer hubs to test and validate approaches (TIT, LITC, UWB, KTP, NTNU, ICT).

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