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Contact Data


Laboratory for Manufacturing System and Automation - LMS

Year Established



Archimidous 7, 26504, Patras (Greece)


Contact information

Professor Dimitris MOURTZIS

Contact information


Contact information

Dr. Sotiris MAKRIS



Aim of Manuhub@WG is to stimulate the cooperation between Western Greece Entrepreneurship Ecosystem and the Local Academic Environment initially in Laser-based Manufacturing and High Performance Computing, Robotics, IoT, CPS. Manuhub@WG’s mission is to create added value for the services and products of local Manufacturing Companies through Innovative and Digital technologies and research activities performed by the academia in the region.

Η αποστολή του κόμβου καινοτομίας είναι η δημιουργία προστιθέμενης αξίας στις δραστηριότητες της τοπικής επιχειρηματικότητας δημιουργώντας συνεργατικά σχήματα επιχειρήσεων και ερευνητικών κέντρων, προάγοντας τα τεχνολογικά επιτεύγματα των μελών του, υποδεικνύοντας πηγές χρηματοδότησης, στηρίζοντας την ίδρυση “start-up” εταιριών, δημιουργώντας θέσεις εργασίας υψηλού επιπέδου και συνεισφέροντας στην οικονομική ανάκαμψη της περιοχής. Η σύναψη διμερών συνεργασιών για ανταλλαγή τεχνογνωσίας μεταξύ επιχειρήσεων («match-making) και η δυνατότητα παροχής πλεονάζοντα εξοπλισμού μεταξύ των επιχειρήσεων θα συμπεριλαμβάνονται επίσης στο χαρτοφυλάκιο των «συμβουλευτικών» υπηρεσιών του κόμβου καινοτομίας

Link to national or regional initiatives for digitising industry

The hub’s mission is creating added value through collaborative synergies between companies and academia, promoting its members’ technical achievements in digital technology, indicating funding sources, contributing to start-ups establishment and high-level job creation and providing for enhanced economic health to the region.

Taking into account the economic and business background of Western Greece, the hub also aims to trigger productivity and expand companies’ portfolios and activities not only locally but also internationally.

The hub's coordinating organisation has also actively participated in the Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs (I4MS) initiative of the European Commission through the H2020 funded project: AMABLE.

Market and Services

Market sectors

  • Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco
  • Manufacture of textiles and textile products
  • Manufacture of leather and leather products
  • Manufacture of wood and wood products
  • Manufacture of coke, refined petroleum products and nuclear fuel
  • Manufacture of chemicals, chemical products and man-made fibres
  • Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
  • Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products
  • Manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products
  • Manufacture of machinery and equipment
  • Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment
  • Manufacture of transport equipment
  • Education

TRL Focus

  • TRL1 - Basic principles observed and reported
  • TRL2 - Technology concept and/or application formulated
  • TRL3 - Analytical and experimental critical function and/or characteristic proof of concept
  • TRL4 - Component and/or breadboard validation in laboratory environment
  • TRL5 - Component and/or breadboard validation in relevant environment
  • TRL6 - System/subsystem model or prototype demonstration in a relevant environment

Services provided

  • Awareness creation
  • Ecosystem building, scouting, brokerage, networking
  • Collaborative Researchs
  • Concept validation and prototyping
  • Testing and validation
  • Pre-competitive series production
  • Commercial infrastructure
  • Incubator/accelerator support
  • Voice of the customer, product consortia
  • Market intelligence
  • Education and skills development

Service Examples

- Technical services
This type of services concerns the direct support provided to the local companies. They mainly refer to technical support for the upgrade of the provided services and products through the development and optimization of the manufacturing processes, the production line and the introduction of Internet and High Performance Computing technologies. Below an example of technical services is provided:
- Manufacturing Process simulation
Use of software-tools for the simulation of several MFG processes investigating different manufacturing aspects/ delivering engineering studies

- Consulting services
One of the most important scope of the hub should be the guidance of the companies into upgrading and expanding their business activities. As an example:
- Product marketing planning
Set-up of strategies for introducing new products in the market

- Training services
Manuhub@WG supports a wide number of technical services by providing training to its members on standard practices in the production and on new internet and computational based technologies.  Such as:
- Workshops / seminars / webinars
Organization of workshops, seminars, webinars, business meetings and conferences for the promotion of the hub, the members and new technologies


Organizational form

Other (describe)



Number of employees


Evolutionary Stage

In preparation

Geographical Scope



  • Horizon 2020
  • European Social Fund
  • National basic research funding
  • National specific innovation funding
  • Regional funding
  • Private funding
  • Memberships


Number of customers annually


Type of customers

  • Start-up companies
  • SMEs (<250 employees)
  • MidCaps (between €2-10 billion turnover)
  • Large companies, multi-nationals


RWG - Region of Western Greece province

SEVIPA - Association of Enterprises Established in industrial Area of Patras

LMS - University of Patras

Technological competences

  • Micro and nano electronics, smart system integration
  • Sensors, actuators, MEMS, NEMS, RF
  • Photonics, electronic and optical functional materials
  • Cyber physical systems (e.g. embedded systems)
  • Robotics and autonomous systems
  • Internet of Things (e.g. connected devices, sensors and actuators networks)
  • Artificial Intelligence and cognitive systems
  • Interaction technologies (e.g. human-machine Interaction, motion recognition and language technologies)
  • Advanced or High performance computing
  • Data mining, big data, database management
  • Augmented and virtual reality, visualization
  • Simulation and modelling
  • Gamification
  • Cloud computing
  • Additive manufacturing (3D printing)
  • Laser based manufacturing
  • ICT management, logistics and business systems
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