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Digital Innovation Hub Liguria

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Digital Innovation Hub Liguria
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DIH Ligure
Evolutionary Stage
Fully operational
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DIH Liguria is a non profit entity performing networking, matchmaking, brokerage and dissemination activities.

The aim of DIH Liguria is to help companies to become more competitive by improving their business/production processes as well as products and services by means of digital technology.

DIH deals with the promotion of digital manufactoring trasformation towards Industrie 4.0 approach and the Value Chain processes overall.

In particular the main activities are:

  • Awareness Dissemination (Meeting, Workshop, etc.)
  • Supporting activities to industrial companies for Industry 4.0-based project implementation
  • Support access to tax breaks provided by Piano Industria 4.0
  • Supporting activities for assessing digital readiness
  • Supporting activities to facilitate manufacturing companies access to  innovation regional ecosystem
  • Design and delivery of training initiatives
  • Coordination activities for implementing I4.0-based factories

Contact Data

Coordinator (Industry association)
Confindustria Liguria
Year Established
Via Melen 77, 16122, Genova (Italy)
Contact information
Guido Conforti
Contact information
Simona Bertetto
00393475375955 - 00390108338207


Organizational form
(Part of) Private organization
Number of employees


  • Cyber physical systems
  • Internet of things
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Big data, data analytics, data handling
  • Cloud computing

This initiative is stated in the National Plan “Industria 4.0”, presented by the Italian Government in 2016, which provides for the creation of an innovative infrastructure composed of few and selected highly specialized Competence Centers (CC) and selected Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) all over the Country.

According to the National Plan:

  • Competence centers have to involve leading Italian Universities and large private players; they should support to key stakeholders (e.g. research institutions, startups,...). Their mission is to orient and focus on facilitating Industry 4.0 transformational projects in all domains;
  • DIH are “soft” structures and their specific aim is to create awareness and support companies in the knowledge of technologies and their application.

The network of DIH act like a bridge, a strong and steady link between research and industry.

DIH are the contact point among companies, research institutions and public/private investors at regional level.  Their mission is to create awareness on the opportunities of Industry 4.0; provide support to the development of innovative investment plans; offer orientation to Industry 4.0 Competence Centers; favour the access to public and private financing solutions/investors; interact also with European DIH.

DIH Liguria is part of the Digital Innovation Hub network created at national level.

The smart specialization strategy of Regione Liguria approved in 2014 thanks to the participation of Confindustria Liguria (founder of DIH Liguria) defines the strategic framework of the new programming of the structural funds, in order to ensure enhanced support for investment in innovation and competitiveness of enterprises. It represents a place-based approach strongly oriented to strengthen the elements and skills of the regional area.
The general goal of S3 is strengthen research, technological development and innovation by exploiting the current and emerging strengths of the regional system by ensuring co-ordination and concentration of initiatives and sources of funding.
S3 identified the following specific objectives:

  • Increasing business innovation activities;

  • Strengthening the Regional Innovation System;

  • Promoting new markets for innovation;

  • Increasing the incidence of innovative specializations in pervasive application areas of intense knowledge;

  • Enhancing the ability to develop excellence in R&D.


    With his local partners (f.e. Confindustria Liguria, University of Genoa, Italian Institute of Technology, Liguria Digitale – public company for digital transformation of the Region, with whom DIH Liguria is operatively based) DIH Liguria is focused on these smart specialization areas, according to the smart specialization strategy of Regione Liguria:

    -Maritime technologies

    -Health and life sciences

    - Safety, security and life quality in the territory                               

    With reference to this last point, DIH Liguria is partner with the starting Competence Center “Start 4.0” (funded by National Government) which has for object of his activity “safety, security, cybersecurity and optimization of strategic infrastructures (energy, water, industry, transport, ports)

Market and Services


  • Mining and quarrying
  • Energy and utilities
  • Construction
  • Wholesale and retail
  • Tourism (incl. restaurants and hospitality)
  • Transport and logistics
  • Life sciences & healthcare
  • Community, social and personal service activities
  • Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco
  • Manufacture of textiles and textile products
  • Manufacture of leather and leather products
  • Manufacture of wood and wood products
  • Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products; publishing and printing
  • Manufacture of coke, refined petroleum products and nuclear fuel
  • Manufacture of chemicals, chemical products and man-made fibres
  • Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
  • Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products
  • Manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products
  • Manufacture of machinery and equipment
  • Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment
  • Manufacture of transport equipment
  • Other Manufacturing
  • Financial services

TRL Focus

  • TRL1 - Basic principles observed and reported

Services provided

  • Awareness creation
  • Ecosystem building, scouting, brokerage, networking
  • Visioning and Strategy Development for Businesses
  • Collaborative Research
  • Digital Maturity Assessment
  • Incubator/accelerator support
  • Access to Funding and Investor Readiness Services
  • Mentoring
  • Education and skills development

Service Examples

Digital Readiness Assessment Maturity

The DIH developed the “Test Industria 4.0” a customizable service for companies to assess their maturity level with respect to digitization and to define a roadmap and implementation plan for the next evolutionary steps towards the digitization of the company.

The maturity level will be assessed based on the individual assessment of different dimension (such use of digital technologies, production organization, control systems, etc.).

Within this set of parameters technical and organizational solutions will be developed, and presented in a roadmap to the company management for making the next evolutionary steps in adopting increased digitization.

So far 10 assessments done

Client profile - manufacturing

Output - DIH helped companies to develop a roadmap of activities to facilitate the digital transformation.

In 2018 DIH Liguria (in collaboration with DIH Piemonte, DIH Lombardia, DIH Campania and SMILE DIH) started an ambitious project to support the digital transformation of the supply chain of Ansaldo Energia, the first Italian Lighthouse Plant. In the first wave the project AENet 4.0 involved 35 companies, 31 of which tested their digital maturity level (wit a focus on the cybersecurity assessment); all of these were present at the final workshop.


Awareness and technical knowledge

Industrial ecosystem awareness on the technological innovation opportunities through:

  • Workshops, conferences, technical insights
  • News and technical-scientific insights publication on websites, video interviews
  • Visits to enterprises and centers of excellence

So far 12 workshops done

Client profile - manufacturing

So far 15 visits done

Output – DIH helped companies in coaching in Industrie 4.0 knowledge through workshops for hundreds of participants from different SMEs


Client needs: The target of our activities are small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly manufacturing, in order to make them able to adopt digital technologies and to integrate them into their processes. In particular, hub’s activities aim to support companies in the evolution of their production systems that go beyond pure production and that cover all parts of the value chain and operation of smart production systems along the entire supply chain.

Companies need to reinforce their awareness about the opportunities of new technologies and how they can improve their competitiveness, they need to upskill their workforce so to address the digital transformation challenge, and they need to have access to funding in order to make investments on new technologies.

Client profile - manufacturing

So far 1 training session

Output – DIH helped companies in coaching in Industry 4.0 knowledge  through workshops for hundreds of participants from different SMEs


  • Partner resources


Number of customers annually
Type of customers
  • Start-up companies
  • SMEs (<250 employees)
  • MidCaps (between €2-10 billion turnover)
  • Large companies, multi-nationals
  • Partners

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