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S3P Agrifood - Technical meeting of the thematic partnership on “Traceability and Big data”

General Information

28-29 March 2017

The first technical meeting of the thematic partnership on Traceability and Big Data took place in Seville (Spain) on 28th and 29th March. The thematic partnership intends to facilitate the incorporation of the necessary digital technologies and data application in agri-food sector value chains. More than 100 participants attended the event.

The Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of Andalusia convened a meeting of the Thematic Partnership 'Traceability and Big Data' members within the framework of the Smart Specialisation Thematic Platform 'S3P Agrifood' with the following objectives:

1. Definition of the governance and management of the partnership;
2. Analysis of potential EU funding sources for measures to be carried out by the partnership;
3. State-of-the-art presentation on each region and experiences on traceability and big data;
4. Work scheme and pilot actions: priorities for each topic.

Further Information about this Thematic Partnership can be found on this page:

Agenda and Presentations


March 28, 2017    

13:30 - 14:00

Arrival and registration of participants  
14:00 - 15:00 Welcome and official opening  
  • Mr. Alessandro Rainoldi. Head of Unit, Knowledge for Growth, DG JRC, European Commission  
  • Mr. Iman Boot. Deputy Head of Unit in the DG Agri. European Commission  
  • Mrs. Alexandra Tuijtelaars. Research Programme Officer. DG Research & Innovation, European Commission  
  • Mrs. Magdalena Szwochertowska. Programme Officer. Unit Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, DG Connect. European Commission  
  • Mrs. Carmen Ortiz Rivas. Regional Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development. Andalusia Government.
15:00 - 16:00 S3P Agrifood Thematic Partnership on 'Traceability and Big Data'  
Smart Specialisation Platform S3P Agrifood (30´)

• Mr. Ruslan Rakhmatullin. Research Officer. DG JRC - Joint Research Center (European Commission). State of the Art and next steps of the platform, EC objectives, thematic partnerships.

  Thematic Partnership on “Traceability and Big Data” (30´)  
  • Mrs. Judit Anda Ugarte. Coordinator of the Thematic Partnership. Technical Counsellor of the Vice-Minister. Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development. Andalusia Government.

• Mrs. Cecilia Gañán de Molina. European Expert in Cohesion Policy, Regional and Urban Development. State of the Art of the partnership, next steps and objectives.

16:00 - 16:10 Synergies with the Industry 4.0 Strategy  

• Mr. Esteban Pelayo. Director of EURADA, the Association of European Development Agencies. About Watify.

16:10 - 18:30 Traceability and Big Data in the member regions of the partnership  
  ✔ Situation of the traceability and big data topic in their territories: state of the art, needs, opportunities and previous experiences.  

✔ Link between Regional Operational Programmes and ICTs in the agrifood industry.

  Brief presentations (10 minutes max.) by regional representatives.  
  • Basque Country Region (ES): Mrs. Begoña Pérez-Villarreal. Coordinator of Food Research Division. AZTI Technological Center
  • Brittany Region (FR): Mrs. Helene Morin. Responsible for the European Projects Team at the Brittany Development Innovation Agency (BDI)
  • Central Macedonia Region (GR): Mr. Georgios Fanelis. Region of Central Macedonia - Gen. Directorate for Agricultural Economy and Veterinary
  • Emilia-Romagna Region (IT): Mr. Stefano Nannetti (Emilia Romagna Region - Directorate General for Agriculture, Hunting and Fisheries) and Mrs. Sofia Miceli (Aster, Emilia Romagna Regional Agrifood Platform Expert)
  • Extremadura Region (ES): Mrs. Carmen González Ramos. General Director. Center for Scientific and Technological Research of Extremadure (CICYTEX). Regional Ministry of Economy and Infrastructures

• Friuli Venezia Giulia Region (IT): Mr. Pierpaolo Rovere. Technical Director of the Agro Food Cluster of the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia

  • Galicia Region (ES): Mr. Manuel París Lestón. Project Manager. Galician Agency for Innovation (GAIN)
  • Limburg Region (NL): Mrs. Annemiek Canjels. Senior Advisor EU Public Affairs on Food, Agriculture & Horticulture. Limburg Province
  • Middle Black Sea Region (TK): Mrs. Meltem Yilmaz. Specialist on Planning,
Programming and Coordination Department. Middle Black Sea Development Agency
  • Pays de la Loire (FR): Mr. Hicham Benaziz. Project Officer at the international affairs department. Pays de la Loire Regional Council
  • South Ostrobothnia Region (FI): Mr. Antti Pasila. Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences
  • South Savo (FI): Mrs. Teija Rautiainen. Research Manager, South Savo Finland University of Applied Sciences
  • Andalusia (ES): Mrs. Judit Anda Ugarte. Coordinator of the Thematic Partnership
18:30-19:30 Visit to display zone  
19:30-21:00 Networking cocktail  
March 29, 2017    
09:00 - 09:30 Defining features of Traceability and Big Data in the agri-food value chain  
  • Mr. Gualberto Asencio. Professor of the Masters Degree in Computer Science and Senior Researcher of the Data Mining Group at the University of Pablo de Olavide, Seville.
09:30 - 10:30 Working session on Specific Topic 1. Traceability and Big Data in the 'Lifecycles of the value chain'  
  • Moderator: Mr. Armando Martínez Vilela. Coordinator of activities I+D+F. Institute of Research and Training in Agriculture and Fisheries (IFAPA).  
• Speakers:
  ◦ European Commission. Mrs. An De Schryver. Policy officer on Environmental Footprint, Eco-Innovation and Circular Economy. DG Env (15’).
Product Environmental Footprint pilots
  ◦ Emilia-Romagna Region. Mrs. Antonietta Rizzo. ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) (10’). PEFMED project (Interreg-MED)
  • Panel discussion
10:30 – 11:30 Working session on Specific Topic 2. Traceability and Big Data in the 'Smart monitoring of the value chain to improve the competitiveness in the agrifood sector'  
  • Moderator: Mrs. Marina Ramírez Jiménez. Head Business and ICT Consultant. Andalusian Center for Innovation and Information and Communication Technologies (CITIC)  
• Speakers:
  ◦ Wageningen University. Mr. Sjaak Wolfert. Scientific project coordinator (15’). The Internet of Food & Farm (IoF2020) project. H2020 Programme
  ◦ Andalusia. Mr. Antonio Rodríguez Ocaña. Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of Andalusia (10’). Observatory for Prices and Markets of Andalusia.

◦ Emilia Romagna. Prof. Luca Fontanesi – University of Bologna (10’). H2020 and regional projects and activities running in Emilia Romagna region: from projects to proposals focused on Specific Topic 2

  • Panel discussion
11:30 – 12:00

Coffee break

12:00 – 13:00 Working session on Specific Topic 3. Traceability and Big Data to 'Incorporate consumer experience and of the various different operators of the food chain in decision-making processes'  
  • Moderator: Mr. Jose Emilio Guerrero. PhD Agriculture Engineer. Professor at the School of Agriculture and Forest Engineering. University of Cordoba  
• Speakers:
  ◦ Mr. Juan Diego Borrero. Ph. D. Responsible of the “Agricultural Economics” CeiA3 Research Group. University of Huelva. Founder at Bo True and Director of Simplelab. Data Scientist.

• Panel discussion

13:00 – 14:00 Cross-cutting topic 4. Open data, interoperability, data governance, information security, and cybersecurity  
  • Moderator: Mr. Jose F. Aldana Montes. Professor of Computer Languages and Systems. University of Malaga. Khaos Research.  
• Speakers:
  ◦ Andalusia. Mr. Francisco Cáceres Clavero. Head of Service of Evaluation and Environmental Assessment. Regional Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of Andalusia. (15’). The experience on Open Data.

◦ Andalusia. Mr. Ricardo Alarcón Roldán. Head of Service of Plant Health. Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of Andalusia (15’). Alert and Phytosanitary Information Network (RAIF)

  ◦ Prof. Guido Sciavicco, University of Ferrara (Emilia Romagna Region).
(15’). Data representation, reasoning and mining, and problems transformation
  • Panel discussion
14:00 - 15:00 Lunch break  
15:00 - 16:30 Working session: partnership governance and sources of financing  
  • Moderator: Mrs. Cecilia Gañán de Molina. European Expert in Cohesion Policy, Regional and Urban Development.  
• Speakers:

◦ Andalusia. Mrs. Esperanza Perea Acosta. Technical Counsellor of the Vice-Minister. Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development. Andalusia Government. 

Governance and financing of the Thematic Partnership (15’)

Interreg Europe proposal for the Thematic Partnership on 'Traceability and Big Data'  (10’)


◦ Mr. Andrés Montero. PhD. Agricultural Engineer and Expert in European Programmes. (10’). H2020 Programme


◦ Basque Country. Mrs. Begoña Pérez-Villarreal. Coordinator of AZTI Food Research Division (10’). KIC-Food: Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) on Food


◦ Mrs. Nathalie Chavrier. Andalusia Technological Corporation (CTA) (10’). European Research Area Network: ERANET.

  • Panel discussion  
16:30 - 17:00 Visit to display zone  
17:00 - 17:30 Conclusions and closure of the meeting  
  NB: From 14:30 pm, a side-event will take place, the B2B entrepreneurial meetings, within the framework of the Enterprise European Network (EEN).




Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development
Regional Government of Andalusia
C/Tabladilla S/N
Seville (Spain)

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Judit Anda Ugarte - Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of Andalusia (Technical Advisor of Vice Minister)


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