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Members of the S3P Agri-food on Traceability and Big Data Partnership are invited to attend the following two events:

  • ESAconnect ( is a major event on connected farming, which will take place in Angers (France) on Thursday 26 October 2017. Workshops and conferences as well as agripitches for startups have been organised by the High School of Agriculture in Angers (Ecole Supérieure d’Agriculture – ESA) for three years. The event gathers more than 500 participants (advisors, agricultural organizations, companies and start-up, researchers …). This year, it will address artificial intelligence and its impact on the organisation of work in farm and other agri-organization along the value chain.
    • A Workshop on Topic 2 of S3P Agri-food on TBD "Smart monitoring of the value chain to improve the overall competitiveness of the agri-food sector" is to be organised as a side event of the conference.
    • Furthermore, start-ups are invited to participate to the agripitches sessions.


  • UNVEX-ECO AGRO ( It is a major drone exhibition that will take place in Seville on 9-11 October 2017. Andalusia Region, as Lead Region of the partnership will be actively involved in the event as moderator of some sessions, as panelist to present the partnership and as exhibitor with a stand.

About the Partnership

The thematic partnership aims at encouraging, motivating and facilitating the incorporation of necessary digital technologies and data application in agri-food sector value chains.

To focus and to foster a rich debate in which the proposals of the interested regions can be integrated in the project a work programme will be built around a number of specific topics. To develop each topic, it is suggested to start from a common foundation based on the overall opportunities for the agri-food sector:

  • More complete and trusted information available to consumers.

  • Smart information systems for companies and the public administration.

  • Territorial cooperation as basis for the transfer of technology and research outcomes, experiences, research staff and between companies, in those regions that are interested in this topic.

  • The shared value that will generate added value in all stages of the chain that will have an impact on the rest of phases and in society and the territories at large.

  • Improvement of business competitiveness, resilience and sustainability and creation of new businesses.

Focus and topics

Three specific and one cross-cutting topics are proposed:

a) Specific topic 1. Traceability and Big Data in the 'Lifecycles of the value chain'

b) Specific topic 2. Traceability and Big Data in the 'Smart monitoring of the value chain (agricultural production, agri-food industry, logistics, distribution and consumers) to improve the overall competitiveness of the agri-food sector'

c) Specific topic 3. Traceability and Big Data to 'incorporate consumer experience and the different operators in the food chain in decision-making processes'

d) Cross-cutting topic 1. Open data, interoperability, data governance and information security, cyber security.



ASSOCIATED MEMBERS (commitment of centres of expertise, technology transfer and research)

• Wageningen University (NL)


• Ribatejo Cluster (PO)

• Basilicata Cluster (IT)

• Northern Ireland Cluster (UK)



Ricardo Domínguez García Baquero -Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of Andalusia (Viceminister), Email:

Judit Anda Ugarte - Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of Andalusia (Technical Advisor of Vice Minister), Email:

Additional information and documents

Scoping paper, and its Executive summary of the scoping paper (28.03.2017)

Conclusions of the 1st Technical Meeting of the Thematic Partnership (Seville, 28-29 March 2017)


Note on the Kick-off event in Florence

Summary of the Partnership

Key Milestones

The S3P Agri-food on Traceability and Big data took part in the Smart Regions 2.0 Conference in Helsinki on 1-2 June. On 1 June the thematic partnership gave a presentation during parallel session 2C: Investing in agri-food and is playing an active in the subsequent structured group discussions. On 2 June the thematic partnership organised an open networking / matchmaking event from 12:00 – 14:30. Issues to be tackled are the state of the play and progress made in the partnership since the 1st Technical Meeting held in Seville in March 2017. In addition, partners presented regional policies, experiences and successful cases and new S3P Agri-food thematic partnerships shared their experience in order to identify synergies. The S3P Agri-food on Traceability and Big data also took part in the Smart Regions 2.0 Exhibition with a stand to present the partnership and related-initiatives.

The Partnership offered the following reflections after the event in Helsinki:
'The Helsinki event allowed different members of our partnership to share experiences with different origins and with different objectives, but all of them playing an important role in the European thematic connection. This issue is extremely important since sharing strategies will allow us to achieve a more solid objective, where the need for mutual learning and shared development is taken into consideration. We could achieve one objective by ourselves, without sharing, and maybe we would achieve it sooner, but we would forget the multiplier effect of networking. Furthermore, within the principles inspiring the regional cooperation policy, this should be a shared value in order to balance different levels of territorial development. However, in the debate there is also an approach addressed to visualising low impact actions in order to tackle specific innovation projects in the frame of the RIS3. Within TBD thematic partnership, this issue is not  identified as something immediate, but forthcoming and foreseen in the work plan. These debates also underlie what is expected from this TBD partnership: solid objectives, shared development and design of pilot projects, impact actions. All of them are included in the work plan.'

Further information and documents:
Building up partnerships leading to investment - Cecilia Gañán de Molina
S3P Agrifood TBD Work Plan_20170608
Parallel session 2c_Traceability and Big Data - Esperanza Perea
Relational Capital - Cecilia Gañán de Molina

The first technical meeting of the thematic partnership on Traceability and Big data took place in Seville (Spain) on 28th and 29th March. The thematic partnership intends to facilitate the incorporation of the relevant digital technologies and data application in new and existing agri-food sector value chains. Over 100 participants attended the event in Seville.  Further information about the event can be found on this page.