Workshop: Digital Maturity Tool and the Innovation Radar

  • 18 Apr 2021 to 18 Apr 2021
  • online

During this webinar a methodology for assessing the digital maturity of customers of the EDIHs will be presented and feedback from participants will be heard.

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Agenda and Presentations

Event Agenda
10:00     Opening – Anne-Marie Sassen, Acting HoU CNECT A.4 Digital Transformation of Innovation Ecosystems

10:10     Digital Maturity Assessment overview – Gabriel Rissola, Senior Scientist JRC B6. Digital Economy unit

10:30     Digital Maturity Assessment  questionnaire in detail – Begoña Sánchez, Business Development Manager, Unit Policies for Innovation and Technology, Tecnalia and Gabriel Rissola

11:00     Innovation Radar module – Eoghan O´Neill, Team Lead CNECT F.3 Digital Innovation & Blockchain

11:20     Q&A Moderator Annita Kalpaka JRC B6. Digital Economy unit

11:50     Conclusions and next steps – Anne-Marie Sassen and Gabriel Rissola

12:00     End of session

Practical Information

18 Apr 2021 to 18 Apr 2021


Registration Information

Registration for the event will be available soon.



With the roll-out of Digital Europe programme, a new generation of Digital Innovation Hubs (to be called European) will be funded to speed-up the digital transformation of SMEs, mid-caps and public sector organisations across the EU. The expected progress in digital maturity of each EDIH recipient will be measured through a new Digital Maturity Assessment tool that will be put at the disposal of the EDIH community by the Commission, and whose adoption by all grantees will be mandatory in order to ensure proper comparability and aggregation of data at regional/national/EU level. This session will present in detail the almost-final questionnaires that the tool will implement, with a view to collect feedback from stakeholders prior to finalising them.

It is expected that all European Digital Innovation Hubs will capture the innovations coming out of their activities, through the Innovation Radar. It will also be explained how it should be done.