Towards Green Transition in EU regions

Publication article | | NAUWELAERS Claire; HARDING Richard; PERIANEZ FORTE Inmaculada; ARREGUI PABOLLET Eskarne; HAEGEMAN Karel

This report aims to contribute to the development of new models for regional and local authorities aiming to boost support for Green Transition of their economies through smarter innovation policies, using the smart specialisation approach.


The report provides a detailed overview of the lessons learnt from five case studies on regions from across the European Union representing a diversity of approaches to using smart specialisation for Green Transition: the Basque Country in Spain, the Centro region in Portugal, the region of East & North Finland, the region of Western Macedonia in Greece and the region of West Netherlands. This report highlights the context-specific aspects of each region and the cross-cutting elements. Drawing together the different elements presented, the conclusion provides a summary overview of the findings and suggests pathways to innovation-led Green Transition for European regions.

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