Smart Specialisation in the Western Balkans and Türkiye. Main achievements and challenges ahead

  • 27 Nov 2023
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During the last decade, Smart Specialisation has become one of the core strategic approaches to Research and Innovation, as well as an effective policy instrument for higher competitiveness and increasing opportunities in the EU. The event ‘Smart Specialisation process in the Western Balkans and Türkiye: main achievements and next challenges ahead’ has come at the end of the project and has brought together officials, experts, policy makers from the EU Enlargement region to present main activities carried out and to discuss the progress made by territories on their S3.

Based on activities carried out during the last year and the support provided by the JRC to the economies in the region, this online event was organised with the aim of presenting some of main analytical findings and discuss major territorial achievements. The event was an occasion for territorial representatives to share domains of interest within their S3 processes, as well as main lessons learned during the implementation of the S3 design framework and challenges ahead.

The event was mainly oriented to territorial policy makers and administrators, local stakeholders, and members of National S3 teams, as well as experts and officials interested in research and innovation policies within the EU integration process. With the aim of having an open discussion on main issues addressed, two Q&A sessions were scheduled.

Expected results:
Main findings from key activities carried out the last year by the JRC were discussed, and main territorial achievements in their S3 processes were presented. Feedback from participants contributed to further developments and analytical opportunities. The event was an opportunity to share the main challenges ahead at territorial level, as well as to explore untapped opportunities and latent synergies. From knowledge sharing and the collective awareness, new mission-led opportunities in the region could be further investigated and tailored practical guidance could be provided.

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27 November, 2023

  1. 10.30-11.00
    Opening and welcome speeches

    o    Emanuela Bellan, Head of Unit, JRC A.3 
    o    Javier Menendez Bonilla, Team Leader, NEAR A.3
    o    Nikola Radovanovic, Team Leader, JRC B.3

  2. 11.00-12.00
    Support to Smart Specialisation in the Western Balkans and Türkiye – main achievements

    o    Hugo Hollanders, Maastricht University: “Mapping potential in the EU Neighbourhood Enlargement Region” 
    o    Enric Fuster, SIRIS: “Mapping science and technology activities and collaboration networks in support of S3 in the Western Balkans” 
    o    Macarena Sanz, IDConsortium: “Perspectives on growth of the agri-food sector in the Western Balkans” 
    o    Domen Bole, Co-Creation: “Lessons learned and key recommendations” 

    Followed by Q&A 

  3. 12.00-12.15
    Technical break
  4. 12.15-14.00
    Main achievements from territories and challenges ahead

    o    Serbia: Viktor Nedovic, National S3 Coordinator
    o    Albania: Linda Pustina, National S3 Coordinator 
    o    Bosnia and Herzegovina: Tanja Lucic, National S3 Coordinator 
    o    Kosovo*: Vedat Sagonjeva, National S3 Coordinator 
    o    Montenegro: Marijeta Barjakatarovic, National S3 Coordinator 
    o    North Macedonia: Jasmina Majstoroska, National S3 Coordinator 
    o    Türkiye: Mustafa Işık, Deputy Director-General at Ministry of Industry and Technology 


    Followed by Q&A 


    *This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244/1999 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence

  5. 14.00-14.15
    Next steps and closure of the event

    o    Enrica Chiozza, Team Leader, NEAR D.5 
    o    Alessandro Rainoldi, Head of Unit, JRC B.3

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27 Nov 2023


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