Peer Learning workshop on VET & S3

  • 20 Sep 2018 to 20 Sep 2018

The regional dimension of VET and adult learning and its link to Smart Specialisation

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Agenda and Presentations

Workshop agenda

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20 Sep 2018 to 20 Sep 2018


The JRC has teamed up with DG Employment to organise an exploratory Peer Learning Workshop in Brussels in September 2018 for regions to learn more about how policies for Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Adult Learning can be used to implement Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3).

An important element of VET and adult learning is the regional dimension, since there are place specific characteristics of the economy and labour markets that need more targeted policy interventions. Furthermore, regions are increasingly encouraged to set priorities in the knowledge economy that require stronger alignment between supply and demand for human capital. When implementing smart specialisation, the EU’s funding programmes including its Cohesion Policy has been largely limited to investments in research and business innovation without a human capital perspective.

The objective of this workshop is to better understand the needs of regions and the ways in which VET has been or could be integrated into S3 policy mixes.

The workshop will follow participatory and interactive methodologies developed by the S3 Platform.