Norte Region Smart Specialisation Strategy (NORTE RIS3). A Monitoring System Methodological Approach for MONITORIS3 Project

Publication article | | Rui Monteiro, Paulo Santos, Carolina Guimarães, Alina Silva

A description of the monitoring system for the RIS3 of Norte, Portugal, presented as part of the MONITORRIS3 Interreg project.


The MONITORIS3 project has the general objective of improving the implementation of regional development policies and programmes. In particular, programmes for Investment and Growth and Jobs and, where relevant, European Territorial Cooperation programmes, that support the delivery of innovation by actors in regional innovation chains in areas of smart specialisation and innovation opportunity. Its intermediate objective is the improvement of Strategies for Smart Specialisation (S3) related with structural funds policy deliveries (6 policy instruments) through the promotion of exchange of experiences and policy learning on monitoring strategies of such instruments.

The project has a duration of 5 years and gathers 6 partners from 6 European Union Regions and 1 advisory partner with competences on implementing and monitoring S3. The project partners are the following: Galician Innovation Agency (Spain), Regional Development Agency of the West Romania (Romania), DUNEA IIc – Regional Development Agency, Dubrovnik and Neretva Region (Croatia), Veneto Region – Research and Innovation Section (Italy), Nordland County Council (Norway), Norte Regional Development and Coordination Commission (Portugal) and National Innovation Agency (Portugal).

Throughout the project, partners will be able to identify Good Practices on monitoring strategies of Smart Specialization at Interregional level. From those, the Best Practices will then be selected as a source of inspiration for the preparation of the Regional Action Plans on S3 monitoring to be implemented during the 2nd phase of the project. Having this end in view, the project foresees, in a first phase, the interregional mapping of S3 monitoring strategies at interregional level that consubstantiates the “State of play” analysis of the six partners of the project.

In the context of this project, CCDR-N recently produced the attached document with a detailed description of the NORTE RIS3 Monitoring System as a contribution for the Monitoring System Methodological Approach for MONITORIS3 project.



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