New deadline - The Joint Research Centre invites European regions to participate in the REGIONS2030 Pilot Project

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A call for expression has been sent by the JRC targeting European regions with the aim to generate interest in contributing to the Pilot Project "REGIONS2030: Monitoring the SDGs in the EU regions - Filling the data gaps", supported by the European Parliament. The REGIONS2030 Pilot Project will be implemented with the participation of up to 10 European regions willing to evaluate the achievement of the SDGs and explore the synergies of SDGs monitoring, policy-making and sustainable regional development.

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The participating regions are expected to team up with experts and partners to develop, test and improve a framework of indicators for monitoring the achievement of the SDGs at regional level. They will contribute to outline the method and identify the relevant indicators at NUTS2 level, which will be ultimately put into practice in the whole of the EU territory. When applicable, regions could propose additional customised indicators to reproduce alternative contexts. The main objective of this process is to tackle most of the 169 SDGs targets.

Regions are also expected to strengthen the relationship with national authorities and other stakeholders that could potentially support the Pilot Project output and contribute to future collaborations. The REGIONS2030 Pilot Project includes key training and dissemination activities that the selected regions are envisaged to be part of through active coordination and involvement.