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A place for DIHs to join forces and collaborate!






On the 3rd of April during the 6th Working Group of DIHs the DIHNET.EU project launched the DIHNET.EU community platform for DIHs.

DIHNET.EU project will enable the coordination of European, national and regional initiatives directly supporting the digital transformation and Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs). It will create a sustainable pan-European network of networks, with a focus on regional DIHs, by developing a set of tools and boosting the collaboration of the different DIH networks, DIHs and other key DIH stakeholders in Europe.

The DIHNET.EU Community is complementary to the JRC DIH catalogue and allows DIHs to meet, exchange, discuss and identify which of their missing expertise can be found in other DIHs across the EU.

Moreover, the DIHNET.EU Community  will contribute to reinforce the role of Digital Innovation Hubs in the future Digital Europe Programme fostering the collaboration among Hubs with the aim of facilitating SMEs the access to digital technologies.

The DIHNET.EU project is organizing a Questions & Answers event with Ms. Begoña Sánchez on the 3rd May at 12PM  (registration here). During this session she will provide tips on how to successfully update your DIH profile in the JRC catalogue and solve any questions related to the application form.

Also, in the coming weeks the project will be launching the Working Groups on the topics selected by DIHs to start discussing about: finance and funding opportunities; collaboration activities and mechanisms; business models and sustainability as well as connection with regional and national policies and strategies.


If you still need further reasons, you can read the inspiring words of Dr. Lemke, from the European Commission, who shared his vision in a post in our community: Digital Innovation Hubs: joining forces to move forward.