Digital Innovation for Regional Growth

  • 29 Apr 2014
  • Science Centre and Technology Museum "NOESIS", 6th Km. Thessaloniki - Thermi Road, 57001, Thermi, Thessaloniki, Greece

Digital innovation has the potential to radically improve people's lives and help stimulate growth throughout Europe. The S3P together with DG CONNECT and the regional government of Macedonia Greece arranged a thematic workshop in Thessaloniki (GR) on this topic.

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Agenda and Presentations


Agenda: Here is the agenda

Keynote Speeches

Christian Saublens, Executive Manager, Eurada How can European Structural and Investment Funds be leveraged to support enterprise competitiveness?

ICT innovation vouchers - SMEs going digital

Helen Köpman, Deputy Head of Innovation Unit, DG CNECT, European Commission Digital entrepreneurship and ICT innovation vouchers

Cristina Gallardo, Fundecyt-PCTEX, Region of Extremadura Extreme@TIC programme in the regional digital agenda, Region of Extremadura

Innovation procurement – an opportunity for European regions/cities

Viorel Peca, Head of Innovation Unit, DG CNECT, European Commission Pre – Commercial Procurement (PCP) and Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions(PPI)

Denisa Naidin, Eurocities, ENIGMA PCP project Cities driving together the development of a new generation of City Lighting solutions

Innovation Procurement in the Cohesion Policy Framework

Vasileios Tsanidis, Seconded National Expert, Innovation Unit, DG CNECT, European Commission Synergies between Horizon 2020 and European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) on Innovation Procurement

Sara Bedin, Independent expert on innovation procurement for Italian Ministry for Education, Research and Innovation and the Lombardy Region  Innovation procurement in Italy - mobilizing R&D budget / current expenditure and Structural Funds

Panel Discussion: Innovation Procurement in the ESIF and Horizon 2020 context

Gaynor Whyles, Director, JERA Consulting, UK, EcoQUIP Project Coordinator Improving the efficiency, quality & sustainability of healthcare through PPI

Denisa Naidin, Eurocities

Henk Herman Nap, Smart Homes Eindhoven, The Netherlands, STOP&GO PPI project Regions and cities deploying together telecare Services for frail elderly

Floris de Boer, PIANOo - Dutch Public Procurement Expertise Centre

Anna Kasimati, Greek film Centre, Greece, PREFORMA PCP project Tackling the challenge of long term digital preservation through PCP

Innovation vouchers and your region

Antonio Romero Navarro, Innovation Coordinator, Instituto de Fomento, Region of Murcia Results and expected impact from the ICT innovation voucher scheme - ChequeTIC

Panel discussion: How regions and SMEs can benefit from digital innovation - tailoring voucher schemes to the needs of the region and SMEs

Corinna Voss, MFG Innovation Agency for ICT and Media Baden-Württemberg

Georgios Kostaras, Intermediate Managing Authority, Region of Central Macedonia

Neoklis Stamkos, Business and Cultural Development Center, Region of Central Macedonia

Patrice Lefeu, Executive Director, Ernst & Young, Integration of SMEs in companies digital value chain

Sara Pasquali, Regional Development Agency of Marche Region

Practical Information

29 Apr 2014
Science Centre and Technology Museum "NOESIS", 6th Km. Thessaloniki - Thermi Road, 57001, Thermi, Thessaloniki, Greece
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How can digital innovation help your region grow?

Digital innovation has the potential to radically improve people's lives and help stimulate growth throughout Europe. Join us on 29 April 2014 for a high level event in Thessaloniki, Greece to find out about the support available from the EU to help boost digital innovation in your region.

The one-day event will consist of presentations and interactive workshops to discuss with the European Commission, the S3 Platform, European regions and local stakeholders, on Innovation Procurement and Innovation Vouchers and their application in boosting regional digital growth.

Innovation procurement holds an enormous — so far largely underexploited — potential to improve the quality and efficiency of public services and create market opportunities for innovative firms. Meanwhile, schemes for ICT Innovation Vouchers implemented by EU regions can improve the competitiveness of microenterprises and SMEs by stimulating the demand for a large range of innovative ICT-related services and development of new products, services and processes.

Participants interested in providing an input to the interactive discussions by sharing views on initiatives in their region in the afternoon parallel sessions please contact Mr. Vasileios Tsanidis  Policy Officer, Innovation Unit, DG CNECT  European Commission by 10 April 2014.




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