Creating value together - Towards business partnerships between social economy and traditional enterprises

  • 03 Jul 2018

Social economy enterprises and traditional, for-profit enterprises collaborate in many ways. Together, they can co-create value for both partners and become a real source of jobs and social impact in Europe. Yet, the potential of value creation through collaboration between these two types of enterprises is not fully exploited.

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Practical Information

03 Jul 2018


The conference “Creating value together: towards business partnerships between social economy and traditional enterprises” aims to bring together  representatives of social economy enterprises and traditional enterprises, policy makers, stakeholders and representatives of networks and umbrella organisations in order to provide an opportunity to exchange and open new avenues for collaboration.

  • Participants will experience how to overcome obstacles to collaborate
  • Traditional enterprises will discover how they can benefit from a collaboration with a social economy enterprise and vice versa.
  • Social economy enterprises and traditional enterprises will be provided a matchmaking forum.
  • Stakeholders and policy makers will identify new opportunities how to promote collaborations within their country or region.

The conference will showcase good practices of successful collaborations and will include both high-level panel discussions, 15 interactive workshops and matchmaking opportunities. There will be plenty of room for interactions to exchange ideas and discover opportunities for the future. Please see the agenda for details.

The conference language is English. Main sessions will be with simultaneous translation into French.

The conference is free of charge; places are limited. 

For further information, please contact us at

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This conference is organised  on behalf of the European Commission by Technopolis Group in the framework of the “Social Business initiative (SBI) follow up: Cooperation between social economy enterprises and traditional enterprises.” (EASME/COSME/2016/018)