Call for contributions: Fostering the implementation of environmental-oriented activities through Smart Specialisation

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The S3 Platform solicits S3 stakeholders at national and regional level to highlight relevant cases on the ways in which the S3 approach can foster the implementation of environmental-oriented activities

The S3 Platform is launching a call for contribution to S3 stakeholders across Europe with the view to disseminate inspiring S3 environmental-oriented activities with tangible learning potential, through various communication channels, notably Commission reports /briefings and media.

The S3 cases will highlight how S3 stakeholders are using the Smart Specialisation concept to develop their own innovation-driven economic transformation agendas at national and regional levels, with a specific emphasis on environmental-oriented activities.

The selected examples will provide useful information on the role played either by the governance, and/or stakeholders’ involvement in the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process, and/or Monitoring and Evaluation mechanisms to foster the implementation of green activities, with a brief description of the policy tools and/or measures that were/are developed in this context.

The themes covered in the present analysis can relate for instance to energy transition, the circular economy, climate action, sustainable mobility, digitalization for a greener economy, strategy to develop green S3 R&I policies, bio-economy, etc. (non-limitative list).

The call for contribution is open until 24 September 2020.


  • Information needed

Please provide two paragraphs (about 5 to 10 lines each) and if possible a weblink, that describe the way in which your territory has fostered the implementation of environmental-oriented activities by using the Smart Specialisation approach – either through the Governance, and/or stakeholders’ involvement in the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process, and/or Monitoring and Evaluation mechanisms. Please indicate the types of policy instruments and/or measures that were/are put in place (for instance: green public procurement, regulation, dedicated green-oriented call/incentives, open data, citizens’ engagement in sustainable actions, etc.). You may wish to indicate the challenges faced by your territory, the success factors, advantages/outcomes of your approach and possible limitations. 

  • Selection process, stakeholders interview and timeline

Following the selection process based on the analysis of the initial contributions provided (two short paragraphs), the S3 Platform together with two external experts will contact the selected territories to conduct an interview between September and November 2020, and write a short brief of about 3 to 5 pages. Further exchanges may take place to finalize the account by early December.


See a relevant example, "The Smart Grid Labs in Valencia, Spain - Creating business opportunities related to decarbonisation through EDP".


Contact person: Caroline Cohen