Brainstorming for Synergy - Workshop on S3 for SDGs Methodology

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A brainstorming workshop for the pilot countries and regions interested to develop Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Roadmaps based on S3 methodology was held on 21 July 2021. Representatives from the pilot countries, namely Czech Republic, Serbia and Ukraine, presented and discussed the progress made on the development and implementation of a Smart Specialisation Strategy for SDGs. They received feedback and comments from high-level international experts, members of the S3 for SDGs Steering Committee.

Representatives from Poland, Tunisia, Aragon and the Basque country in Spain also attended the event and had the chance to share their expectations and needs when approaching the S3 for SDGs methodology. The discussion contributed to make progress on the definition of the S3 for SDGs methodology initiatives, to identity challenges, lessons to learn from and ways to strengthen the synergies between countries and regions’ RIS3 strategies, EU Green Deal and UN Agenda 2030.

The session kicked off with opening remarks by Director for “Growth and Innovation” and Director of the Seville site of the EU’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) Mikel Landabaso, who welcomed participants to the virtual meeting by stressing the importance of the role Smart Specialisation has when it comes to strategizing the achievement of SDGs. The four-hour workshop saw an active exchange of ideas and experiences among attendees that led to draw helpful conclusions and define potential next steps. As a final point, Alessandro Rainoldi, Head of Urban and Territorial Development Unit from EU’s JRC took the floor for the closing remarks.

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