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Connectivity and Regional Innovation

Connectivity plays a crucial role for innovation and may counterbalance the disadvantage of being located in less developed and remote areas. This report gathers together insights from scientific literature on the role of connectivity and can inspire activities in interregional cooperation...

Rodriguez Pose, A.
Innovation policy and directionality: a case for policy engineering

This paper examines a series of ‘innovation policy engineering’ problems which are related to directionality, mission and transformative objectives. Solving these problems will be central to the effectiveness of smart specialisation strategies and of partnerships for regional innovation.

Dominique Foray
Contribution of Digitalization to the Sustainable Development in Europe

Digitalization can play a crucial role in sustainable development in Europe. The range of applications is vast and includes the exploitation of digital technologies to improve efficiency of resource use and energy consumption, to broaden access to clean water and sanitation, to facilitate the...

Phoebe Koundouri; Conrad Landis; Angelos Plataniotis
The Recent Place-Based Shift in US Green Industrial and Technological Policies

This report documents the recent and dramatic pivot in the USA’s federal industrial policy arena towards a much more explicitly place-based policy approach. This place-based approach is aimed at revitalising economically weaker regions in the national service of upgrading the US’s technological...

Philip McCann
Missions and Cohesion Policy: Living separate or dancing together?

The JRC-TEDAM working paper explores avenues for cross-fertilisation between the mission oriented approach and cohesion policy. On the one hand, missions can help restore a strong sense of identity into cohesion policy and strengthen its impact through more directionality. On the other hand,...

CAPPELLANO Francesco; MOLICA Francesco; MAKKONEN Teemu
Capacities for transformative innovation in public administrations and governance systems

Despite mounting interest in transformative innovation policies, there are only few studies that provide insights with regards to their implementation. The present study asks which policy design features make a policy transformative and what capacities public administration and the broader...

Janssen, Matthijs; Wanzenböck, Iris; Fünfschilling, Lea; Pontikakis, Dimitrios