Eye@RIS3 visualises public investment priorities for innovation across Europe. It enables public managers and stakeholders to position their territory in comparison to other territories and to find potential partners for collaboration. Inside the EU, priorities are linked to the use of the European Regional and Development Funds (ERDF). Data are based on the information found in Smart Specialisation Strategies and related strategic frameworks.  Outside the EU, they depict R&I priorities reported in various government strategy documents.

To allow for easy comparisons with established classifications, priorities are classified using the Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community (NACE rev. 2) and the Nomenclature for the Analysis and Comparison of Scientific Programmes and Budgets (NABS 2007).

Last updates: The tool has been fully upgraded in September 2018. Data are continuously updated based on inputs from European regional and national authorities and their stakeholders (also called the "entrepreneurial discovery process" in the literature on smart specialisation).

Eye@RIS3: Innovation Priorities in Europe

EU Countries with Encoded S3 Priorities
EU Regions with Encoded S3 Priorities
Non-EU Countries with Encoded R&I Priorities
Non-EU Regions with Encoded R&I Priorities
Name [NUTS ID] Description Source Date of Source
Berlin [DE3] Energy Technologies
Renewable energy ● Energy grids and storage ● Energy efficiency ● Use-cases in energy supply, industrial processes, ● smart buildings, quarters and industrial areas, energy infrastructure for mobility ● Digital technologies, processes and ...
Final RIS3 Document 18 - Nov - 2022
Berlin [DE3] Health Care Industry
Life sciences and technologies: Biotechnology ● Pharmaceutical Industry ● Medical Technology ● Digital Health Innovative care: Health promotion ● Prevention ● Care ● Social Security ● Outpatient care ● Inpatient Care ● Rehabilitation
Final RIS3 Document 18 - Nov - 2022
Berlin [DE3] ICT, Media and Creative Industry
Artificial Intelligence ● Big Data ● Platform economy ● 5G applications and infrastructure ● Internet of Things ● Blockchain ● Extended reality ● Geo IT ● Data security and protection ● High performance computing ● Quantum comp...
Final RIS3 Document 18 - Nov - 2022
Berlin [DE3] Photonics
Laser technologies ● Light technologies ● Bio photonics ● Ophthalmic optics ● Photonics and quantum technology for communication and sensor technology ● Optical analytics ● Microelectronics and microsystems technology
Final RIS3 Document 18 - Nov - 2022
Berlin [DE3] Transport, Mobility and Logistics
Traffic and Mobility management ● Automation and connected driving ● Digital production ● New vehicle and aircraft concepts ● Emerging technologies ● Passenger mobility and logistics
Final RIS3 Document 18 - Nov - 2022
Berlin [DE3] Clean Technologies
Circular economy ● Sustainable water management
Final RIS3 Document 18 - Nov - 2022
Berlin [DE3] Industrial Production
Industry 4.0 ● Additive manufacturing ● Lightweight technology
Final RIS3 Document 18 - Nov - 2022
Berlin [DE3] Smart Cities
Sustainable city ● Community-oriented city ● Resilient city ● Cooperative city
Final RIS3 Document 18 - Nov - 2022
Kanta-Häme [FI1C2] Circular natural resources and materials
Bio economy, circular economy and smart agriculture. Häme Region is known for its expertise related to bio and circular economy. Strong focus on practical implementation and collaboration with industry and farms. Experimentation with reused materi...
Final RIS3 Document 09 - May - 2022
Kanta-Häme [FI1C2] Sustainable food system
Sustainable food systems and related research and development activities at Häme Region offer opportunities for sustainable food production, new protein sources, new ways of farming and carbon active land use.
Final RIS3 Document 09 - May - 2022