Behavioural changes in tourism in times of COVID-19

Publication article | | Marques Santos, A. , Madrid González, C. , Haegeman, K. , Rainoldi, A.

The present report provides an analysis of the potential effect of the COVID-19 outbreak on EU employment, as the result of tourism flow slowdown.


Based on the results of recent surveys, conducted between April and May 2020, the document quantifies the potential changes in tourist behaviour during the Summer and Autumn of 2020, as consequences of travel and mobility limitations, psychological and economic factors. Therefore, three potential scenarios for the coming months (from June to December 2020) in relation to the volume to tourist arrivals are described, depending on the evolution and spread of the virus. Subsequently, considering the tourist-employment relationship, the report displays an estimation for the number of jobs at risk in EU in 2020, as a result of the slowdown of tourism activities. The reports concludes by providing policy recommendations for the short, medium and long-term.

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