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Smart Specialisation cooperation in Central Europe – Networking Workshop

General Information

The Directorate General for Regional and Urban policy (DG REGIO) of the European Commission has launched an initiative in mid-2016 that aims at contributing to the setting up of a type of long-term dialogue for an efficient and enhanced cooperation and exchange of knowledge between actors of the knowledge triangle and policy representatives in Central Europe. The participating Member States are the following: Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany (Saxony, Bavaria),Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

A comparative analysis of the Smart Specialisation Strategies of the MS concerned was carried out by DG REGIO with the support of two independent experts in the field, Mr Slavo Radosevic from the University College London and Mr Jacek Walendowski from Technopolis Group.

The Report identifies 7 “Technology Priority Areas” (TPAs) in which there is a highly varied potential for intra-regional Central European cooperation:



3              AGRO- AND BIO-ECONOMY




7              ICT AND ELECTRONICS


The Report further includes the summaries of selected thematic areas, basic data on key stakeholders in the respective TPAs (firms, R&D organisations, universities), a proposal for possible governance models as a framework for a more efficient and enhanced cooperation platform and brief examples of co-funding sources, which can be applied to S3 Central European networks.

The conclusions and recommendations of the Report constitute a solid ground to facilitate and encourage long-term cooperation in the field of Smart Specialisation among knowledge triangle partners from the Central European Member States. 

A networking workshop which aims to match and connect different stakeholders of the concerned Member States will be held on 8-9 December in Zagreb.

A key objective for this operational networking meeting is to identify and agree on the areas with the highest potential for cooperation in the field of Smart Specialisation among partners from the Central European Member States. The event should result in initialising several working parties to be led by leading organisations for the identified TPAs or sub-areas. It is also envisaged that this event will result in concrete ideas regarding governance and working arrangements that would allow regions to collectively activate the proposed partnerships and encourage partner regions to focus on jointly-funded pilots and demonstration projects leading to a pipeline of later bankable investment projects. During the event in Zagreb, the two experts and the European Commission services will jointly present the main results of the report and also an overview of EU support activities. After a brief introduction smaller thematic working groups will explore the potential for cooperation in each TPA.

Agenda and Presentations

Related documents:

Final agenda

REPORT - comparative analysis of the Smart Specialization Strategies of Central Europe (new!)

Conclusions of the event (new!)

  1. Smart Specialisation Policy Framework – Existing European tools to facilitate cooperation networks (Marek Przeor, European Commission DG REGIO, Competence Centre Smart & Sustainable Growth)
  2. Building collaborative networks in the Baltic Sea Region – ...experiences and reflections from a practical approach to inter-regional smart specialisation (Dr. Emily Wise, IEC and Lund University)
  3. Opportunities of Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE in implementing S3 strategies (Monika Schönerklee-Grasser| Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Joint Secretariat)
  4. TAIEX-REGIO PEER 2 PEER – Instrument to facilitate exchange of experience among Member States on ERDF and CF issues 
  5. The prospective comparative analysis of the national Smart Specialisation Strategies in Central Europe (Slavo Radosevic, UCL; Jacek Walendowski, Technopolis Group)


Smart Specialisation cooperation in Central Europe – Networking Workshop venue
The Westin Zagreb, Krsnjavoga 1, Zagreb, 10000, Croatia

Contact information

Please feel free to contact Alexandra Olajos-Szabó with any event-related questions.