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Innovation camp smart specialisation in energy

General Information

The JRC and the Smart Specialisation Thematic Platform on Energy (S3PEnergy), in collaboration with CoR and EIT, organised an Innovation Camp these 11th and 12th October in Brussels. The event was oriented to provide joint response to pre-identified challenges that the S3 Energy interregional partnerships are currently facing.

These challenges include the engagement of civil society in interregional actions, the creation of innovative financial instruments for transnational commercial-scale demonstration projects, and the attractiveness of buildings rehabilitation investments for all the parties involved (including private users and banks, public sector, academia...).

Being a non-traditional event, this innovation camp was carried out in an interactive way, based on interaction among diverse stakeholders to deal with the pre-identified challenges (co-creation process). Each team will be guided by a professional facilitator.
As the work advanced, participants defined potential implementation activities and plan for experimenting and piloting of those activities.
On the 2nd day, participants presented their ideas, solutions or prototypes. The best ideas will be picked up by the challenge owners and followed up together with the idea developers.

Policy makers from the 3 involved interregional partnerships (bioenergy, solar, sustainable buildings) actively participated, as well as academics, researchers, experts and associations. Also, colleagues from the European Commission (DGs REGIO, ENER, JRC and EASME) joined these interactions aiming at contributing to the progress of smart specialisation via interregional cooperation. 

You can read more about the Innovation Camps' methodology here.


Pre-meeting with challenge owners: JRC Headquarters: Room CDMA 04/A186, Rue du Champ de Mars/Marsveldstraat 21, 1050 Brussels, Belgium For the 11th and 12th: European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT HOUSE), 7 Rue Guimard, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

Registration information

Participation only through invitation.