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Improve Economic and Policy Knowledge in the Field of Sport Related Industries with particular focus on Sporting Goods Sector

The present study aims to improve economic and policy knowledge of the sportrelated industries, with a particular focus on the sporting goods sector. The study starts by considering different definitions of the sporting goods sector based on which it presents an economic overview of the sport-related industries in Europe (including both downstream and upstream relations), with a focus on the sporting goods sector. This is followed by an analysis of the main business models in the sporting goods sector and an analysis of the sector’s competitiveness (at the national, European and international level). For the purpose of this study, competitiveness is broken down into cost competitiveness, innovation capacity, product & process innovation and non-innovative know-how. The analysis is further complemented by a detailed SWOT analysis. The study concludes with a set of recommendations on how to improve the competitiveness of the European sporting goods sector. The study methodology includes an extensive literature review complemented by a range of primary stakeholder consultations, including a survey, interviews, company case studies, and a validation workshop.

Please find the complete report here.