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Collaboration Lab - Social Economy Partnership

General Information

Collaboration Lab on Social economy

Main features

One day format organised around interactive sessions to:

  • Launch operational collaboration among partners and among partners and ReConfirm;

  • Introduce novelties in the scope of prolongation of ReConfirm and provide insights on the Technical Assistance Facility for Industrial Modernisation and Investment (TAF);

  • Present the “Mapping Paper” drafted by ReConfirm, collect comments;

  • Start framing the 3 potential investment project ideas proposed by the partnership within the scope of the common area of interest and its international dimension;

  • Facilitate engagement of partners (cross-border activities and clustering) and start discussing governance.


Expected results

  • Input collected and timetable agreed for finalisation of the Mapping Paper;

  • Mutual understanding of results to be achieved by ReConfirm service and of the objective of the TAF service;

  • Project profiles agreed, as first step toward investment propositions;

  • Ground for partnership governance introduced with specific attention to communication to be used for further interaction among partners and external promotion of the partnership;

  • Action plan for the following 6 months drafted.

Agenda and Presentations

Please find draft agenda here.

Contact information

For contact information and registration, please see the partnership page.