Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3) Conference 2023: Building a community of practice for S3 implementation

  • 30 Mar 2023

The S3 Conference 2023 is the first in a series of events that DG REGIO is organising for S3 stakeholders from across regions in EU Member States. It will be opened by the European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira.

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Practical Information

30 Mar 2023
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About the event

The Smart Specialisation Community of Practice (S3 CoP) is DG REGIO’s source of support and knowledge sharing on the implementation of Smart Specialisation Strategies. It builds upon the decade-long experience on S3 design, implementation and monitoring.

Conceived under the Cohesion Policy of the European Commission, the Smart Specialisation approach helps regions to target their support to research and innovation on carefully defined “priority areas” that reflect the strengths and assets of the regions. It allows them to focus research and innovation actions on areas where there is a clear perspective for positive economic development on the ground.

The S3 CoP is open to all S3 stakeholders across regions in EU Member States, including practitioners, policymakers, researchers, businesses, governmental body in charge of S3 implementation, industry associations, and civil society organisations. This is a very timely moment, as the operationalisation of the EU Cohesion Policy for the 2021-2027 period is still in the early stages and the emphasis now will be on putting smart specialisation strategies into practice and delivering the necessary investments.

Further information

Registrations will close on 29 March at 19:00 CET, so make sure you sign up as soon as possible.
More information in the dedicated website.