S3P - Industry Photonics partnership workshop

  • 08 Jan 2018 to 09 Jan 2018

The second workshop took place of the S3P - Industry Photonics partnership

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Practical Information

08 Jan 2018 to 09 Jan 2018




The workshop provided opportunity to finalise / define the

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Market (target)
  • Rationale of the partnership.

Furthermore, identified the key technologies where cross-regional collaboration can play a role as well as a sub-set of key sectors to be addressed in priority and defined the sub-areas for collaboration and their leaders:

1/ Optical fibres for application targets such as data centers

2/ Imaging and sensing demonstration for applications such as medical devices or bioeconomy (agrofood/forest) measurement and monitoring 

3/ Photonics integrated circuits upscale and deployment

4/ Photonics integration into production systems such as 3D-Printers