Innovation monitoring system based on Specialised Observatories and Smart Indexes


Slaskie Voivodeship (2016)

Marshall office of the Slaksie Voivodeship

In developing our S3 we have attached high importance to monitoring trends in the selected priority domains of Energy, Medicine and ICTs. Thanks to the project Network of Regional Specialisation Observatories, supported by the Marshal Office of the Śląskie Voivodeship, we are able to monitor, measure, support and anticipate market trends in the three priority domains as well as eight enabling technologies of the related Technology Development Plan.

During the preparation of the 2014-2020 programming period, following the process of identifying the most promising areas on which the region can build its competitive advantages, we became aware of our limited capacity to monitor and analyze these areas of specialisation. The Network of Regional Specialisation Observatories includes partners from the S3 priority domains who are responsible for diagnosing and reporting regional trends. As for now there are five Observatories operating for energy, medicine, ICT, environmental protection and nanotechnology. We may also establish observatories for three other areas: materials, transport and engineering.

Another interesting feature of our new S3 monitoring framework is the use of ‘Smart Indexes’. They are based firstly on three sub-indexes for the domains of regional specialisation, and secondly on horizontal indicators including the Knowledge Index, Human Capital Index or Innovation Index. One of the greatest challenges is to identify the source of reliable data. However, by monitoring the processes, while taking into account our specific regional context, we will be able observe trends and draw solid conclusions and recommendations for the region.

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By monitoring the processes … we will be able observe trends and draw solid conclusions and recommendations for the region.