Transnational collaboration Transnational collaboration

Cohesion Policy now places significant attention on the issue of transregional cooperation, and consequently the identification, design and use of appropriate instruments to support it. Working across, but also beyond, the partner regions of the Lagging Regions project, this activity focuses on support for the development and implementation of transnational collaboration for lagging regions. It draws on selected experiences in interregional cooperation, to explore the challenges and opportunities such cooperation provides for RIS3 implementation.

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Interregional Collaboration Workshop: S3 Targeted Support – Horizontal Activities

The event explored the issue of international collaboration in relation to the implementation of S3 policies. The day included expert-presentations,...

Connecting present and future Smart Specialisation Strategy: the challenges for governance, industrial transition and international collaboration

The JRC Lagging Regions project organised a seminar “Connecting present and future Smart Specialisation Strategy: the challenges for governance,...
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Call for contribution on emerging initiatives to respond to the Covid-19 crisis

The S3 Platform seeks to collect information from all stakeholders involved in S3 related activities about emerging initiatives that respond to...

New Report Out! The role of Open Data, Open Science and Open Innovation in S3 monitoring

This document reports the key outcomes of the study on the use of open data, open science & innovation (ODSI) for S3 (Smart Specialisation...

New S3 Targeted Support - Horizontal Activity on “S3 and international cooperation” took place in Madrid on the 25th of February

The workshop explored a number of key dimensions of interregional cooperation: challenges, opportunities, preconditions, actors, resources...
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