Sustainable Buildings

The main objective of this partnership is to create an alliance between European regions to boost new markets and take advantage of regional opportunities for specialisation in eco-construction, integration of renewable energy and energy efficiency in buildings and cities.

Sustainable Buildings

Mapping survey: In order to identify synergies and complementarities in the sustainable buildings sector among the participating regions in the partnership, partners are requested to fill in this brief survey (one questionnaire per region/Member State).  (Password: partenariado)

Template of letter of support or commitment of the participating regions / MS available here.
The building sector is the largest energy consumer in Europe, representing 40% of the total EU consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the EU, according to EC statistical data. By improving the energy efficiency of buildings, the total EU energy consumption could be reduced by 5-6% and lower CO2 emissions by about 5%.

The main objective of the S3 Partnership on Sustainable Buildings
is to create an alliance between European regions to boost new markets and take advantage of regional opportunities for specialisation. The partnership is led by Andalusia (ES), North Great Plain (HU) and North-Croatia (HR). Many other European regions or countries are currently participating or have shown interest in joining.

Thematic working areas

Three main reference themes for interregional collaboration have been identified:
  1. Eco-construction, bioclimatism and insulation of buildings,
  2. Renewable energy integration in buildings,
  3. Systems of maximum energy efficiency in buildings and cities

The partners have created working groups for each reference theme and are continously working on the mapping of the capacities, resources available and relevant actors in the participating regions, and the establishment of synergies and interregional collaborations for the implementation of concrete pilot projects and actions.

List of regions involved

Contact details of the leading regions

Marisa BORRA
Senior Expert in Internationalisation and Prospective Department
LENERG Energy Agency Nonprofit Llc. (HU):

Contact details of DG REGIO

More information

The "Smart Campus" pilot is one of the collaborative projects of the Sustainable Buildings partnership selected in 2018 by DG REGIO under the call for expression of interest for “Thematic Partnerships to pilot interregional innovation projects”. This pilot aims at developing innovative solutions in several university campuses, leading to a more efficient and innovative energy generation, distribution and use in the existing or new buildings. Several technological solutions have already been developed, tested and translated into business cases: 1) Real-time control and monitoring of electrical distribution grid, 2) Smart Fancoil and Indoor Quality through IoT system, and 3) Intelligent control management of electrical energy consumption and local information by Smart Plugs.

Related projects:
  • Interreg Europe BUILD2LC: Boosting low carbon innovative building rehabilitation in European regions
  • Interreg Europe S3UNICA: Smart SpecialiSation UNIvercity CAmpus. The S3UNICA project is the natural follow up of the Pilot Project “Smart Campus”.

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Related documents

Monitoring reports containing a management report and a progress report prepared by the lead regions are available here:
Monitoring report Sustainable Buildings July-December 2020
(355 KB - PDF)
Monitoring report Sustainable Buildings January-June 2020
(290 KB - PDF)

Key documents (Concept Note, Definition and Scope, and Organisation):
Concept Note_European Partnership on Sustainable Buildings_sept2017.pdf
(731 KB - PDF)
Definition and scope_sept2017.pdf
(147 KB - PDF)
(222 KB - PDF)

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Concept Note - Partnership of European Regions on Sustainable Buildings

This Concept Note gathers the main aspects of the proposal for the creation of a Partnership of European Regions on Sustainable Buildings, in reference to the scope and objective of the Partnership, as well as the key elements and approach to be considered in its development, after incorporating...

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