The purpose of the partnership is to strengthen the value chain Access to Space. The partnership shall work to simplify and increase collaboration and exchange knowledge among different actors within the regions (such as academia, large corporations, SMEs, start-ups, and clusters). All actors within the region, who aims to contribute to the value chain Access to Space, should therefore be able to interact and collaborate through the partnership.

S3P Space

EU space policy aims to tackle some of the most pressing challenges today, such as fighting climate change, helping to stimulate technological innovation, and providing socio-economic benefits to citizens. Space technology, e.g., data transmission by satellites, plays an important role when it comes to finding solutions.
To fulfil the scope of the S3P Space, reference themes with specific topics have been established based on the value chain Access to Space. The regions have, in consultation with its key space entities, chosen to divide the Access to Space value chain into four main parts, which constitute the current reference themes. These are Satellite, Launcher, Infrastructure, and Operations. Two overarching themes have also been established to cover areas which are not exclusive to one, but rather a vital component in each reference theme: Sustainability, and Digitalisation
Link to B2M community  All space actors within the Partner Regions can register. Here we will provide you with the latest info on meetings/events, contact details and here you can also search for and reach out to other space actors.

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