Smart Stories Smart Stories

In recent years, over 180 Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3) have been developed, at regional and national level, across the EU. The Smart Stories provide a direct account from managing authorities on the ways in which they implement their Smart Specialisation Strategies. They reflect how managing authorities have used the S3 concept to develop their own innovation-driven economic transformation agendas at different levels: transregional, national, regional and local.

The report "Implementing Smart Specialisation: An analysis of practices across Europe" provides some cases of implementation and examines how the Smart Specialisation approach was put into practice across 35 European regions and Member States will be available shortly.

We encourage stakeholders to share their stories with the S3 community of practice. If you wish to do so, please refer to the template and contact the S3 Platform:

Notes: These stories are based on information provided by national and regional authorities. The images in the stories are for illustrative purposes and do not always reflect the S3 process itself.