S3 for SDGs in Croatia S3 for SDGs in Croatia

Croatian S3 mainly targets economic part of the three core elements and recognizes several important strategic determinants relative to Croatia. As for the good practices, we can mention the innovative project recognized through EDP (ba involving relevant stakeholders of this specific industry) and financed within the implementing instruments of S3 - a company RIMAC Automobili. The financed project is about R&D of a new electric vehicle but the company is recognized as an innovative leader in the segment of electromobility. Its
culture and way of development can correlate to the sustainable economic growth, inclusive and sustainable industrialization and innovation.

Croatia is considered as moderate innovator (IUS) and Croatian S3 gives a framework of fostering innovation through developing research and innovation infrastructure, collaboration between business economy and public research institutions and targeting specific thematic areas of specific interest to Croatian economy.

Focusing knowledge and innovation capacities into areas of greatest potential for Croatia to drive competitiveness and socio economic development and transform Croatian economy through effective RDI activities. To reach this objective, Croatia has taken steps towards a transformation policy approach which focuses on sustainable development (green transport, sustainable food & wood production and processing, renewable energies, clean technologies and bio-products), health and quality of life and security. Through promotion of RDI investment in selected thematic priority areas, with a high innovation and growth potential, as well as large societal impact, Croatia will introduce structural changes (transition, modernization, diversification and radical foundation of economic activity) and give new direction or future development and growth.

The vision and overall strategic objectives have been detailed in six specific strategic objectives that will direct policy initiatives and actions towards increasing smart, inclusive and sustainable growth in Croatia:

  1. Increased capacities of RDI sector to perform excellent research and to serve the needs of the economy,
  2. Overcoming the fragmentation of innovation value chain and the gap between research and business sector,
  3. Modernizing and diversifying Croatian economy through increasing private R&D and non R&D investment,
  4. Upgrading in global value chain and promoting internationalization of Croatian enterprises,
  5. Working in partnerships to address societal challenges,
  6. Creating smart skills - upgrading the qualifications of existing and new work force for Smart Specialization.

The Croatian S3 is aligned with the following SDGs:

  •  SDG 9. Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation