S3 Tools and Data Sources S3 Tools and Data Sources

The S3 Platform provides a combination of mapping tools that allow users to identify regions' economic domains of specialisation and aim at facilitating interregional cooperation and the creation of partnerships among various actors throughout Europe.


The Eye@RIS3 is an online database of RIS3 priorities. It is intended as a tool to help strategy development rather than a source of statistical data. Regions are requested to introduce/update input in the database, which will produce a realistic map of the process of RIS3 development.

ESIF - Viewer

This is a tool to search planned investments in European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) data (ERDF, CF, ESF and YEI). The tool contains data from the ESIF Operational Programmes (OP). The amounts in this tool are presented at regional level and include data from regional OPs, but also shares of national and transnational cooperation programmes. The user can search for planned investments per country, region, OP-type and different categories of intervention.

ICT Monitoring Tool

This is a tool to search European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) data (ERDF, CF, ESF, YEI and EAFRD) on planned investments in ICT. The tool contains data from the ESIF Operational Programmes (OP) on planned ICT related investments. The amounts in this tool are presented at regional level. Users can search within three broad dimensions, amounts, keywords and financial forms.

Regional Benchmarking

This is an interactive tool for Regional Benchmarking which helps identifying structurally similar regions across Europe with a simple click. The tool has been developed by the S3 Platform in collaboration with Orkestra - Basque Institute of Competitiveness, and will be progressively equipped with additional links and functionalities aimed to improve integration with other S3 tools and with the dedicated pages that have been produced for each of the regions and countries registered in the S3 Platform.

EU Trade

A fully interactive web-based application for the visualization and the analysis of inter-regional trade flows and the competitive position of regions in Europe. The purpose of this tool is to make possible to assess regional assets and analyse a region's economic position as a first fundamental step in the process of building place-based and evidence-based regional policies and smart specialisation strategies.

R&I Regional Viewer

This tool allows to visualize and compare Research & Innovation investments under different funding channels and EU programmes across EU Regions, i.e. economic indicators from Eurostat, planned R&I-related investments under ESIF, and Horizon 2020 funding captured by stakeholders.

Digital Innovation Hubs

The Digital Innovation Hubs tool, is an online catalogue which contains comprehensive information on digital innovation hubs in Europe. The ultimate purpose of the tool is to help companies get access to competences needed in order to digitize their products and services. The catalogue will give European DIHs a platform to network with each other, other innovation support organisations and companies, in order to communicate their expertise. This is a draft version.