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Smart Specialisation represents the most comprehensive industrial policy experiment being implemented in Europe.

Through its adoption and adaptation towards regional development, the smart specialisation concept has become a powerful instrument for place-based innovation-driven growth.

Evidence arising from regions and ongoing informal policy discussions signals that the smart specialisation approach may be evolving towards a methodology that goes beyond its application to the EU regional policy.

Smart specialisation is gaining interest in both scientific and policy-making communities linked for instance to urban and local development, and is also bridging the gap towards more thematic policy approaches such as industrial and energy policies.


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Call for tenders on RIS3 prioritisation across Europe

Deadline: 16th of October 2019 at 16:00

The report from the working meeting "S3 Priorities, Related Policies and Impact Assessment" is now available

Following the working meeting on "S3 Priorities, Related Policies and Impact Assessment", the report and presentations from stakeholders are now...

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Smart Specialisation Strategies implementation: Priorities, Related Policies and Impact Assessment

This working meeting will provide an overview of S3 priorities and related policy measures, as well as tackle impact assessment approaches.

Workshop: "Insights on assessing the Smart Specialisation experience so far"

Experienced practitioners from the national and regional level will provide insightful feedback of their S3 implementation experience to date and will...