S3 Energy meetings

Many activities under the S3PEnergy require regular exchanges between the European Commission services and regions and Member States leading or taking part in the different S3PEnergy partnerships. To ensure a smooth functioning of this work, several Joint Partnerships Meeting have been organised by the S3PEnergy, bringing together representatives of EC services and all interested partnerships' members.

The Joint Partnerships Meetings provide the opportunity to:
  • assess and benchmark the progress achieved in the Platform and in each partnership, discuss any ongoing/future difficulties and discuss possible solutions;
  • discuss and share strategic guidance for the next period on several transversal issues relevant to all partnerships such as complementarity between EU funding programmes, regulatory obstacles for investment, skills, etc.
  • obtain information on possible synergies with other initiatives, e.g. Interreg, KIC InnoEnergy, etc.

Furthermore, these meetings are a good occasion for thematic partnerships to organise their technical meetings.

The S3PEnergy held the following Joint Partnerships Meetings:
  • 6th of June 2018, Brussels
  • 28th of November 2018, Bilbao, Spain
  • 18th of December 2020, online meeting