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European Union external action.  
Responsible EU body: EEAS

International Cooperation framework for Research and Innovation.  
Responsible European Commission service: DG RTD.

Regional Policy Dialogue.
Responsible European Commission service: DG REGIO.

Science and Technology joint agreement. 
Responsible European Commission service:  DG JRC.

EU-Brazil business dialogues.
Responsible European Commission service: DG GROW.


International Urban Cooperation: The region to region exchange programme will enable Latin American countries and regions to cooperate with counterparts in the EU in order to promote innovation, competitiveness and new opportunities for their citizens. 
Main topic: Region-to-region cooperation on innovation for local and regional development
Targeted countries/regions: Regions of Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Peru and Argentina
Cooperation with EU: YES, with 18 EU regions
Donor: EEAS, Partnership Instrument
Monitoring: DG REGIO
Duration: July 2017 - Dec 2019


Sectorial Dialogues EU-Brazil: The objective of this project is the
formulation of a smart specialisation method adapted to Brazil,  in consideration to be adopted both for the establishment of national as well as regional and local development policies. 
Main topic: customisation of the EU S3 concept to the Brazilian innovation policy landscape
Targeted countries/regions: Brazil, regions of Parà, Pernambuco and Paranà
Cooperation with EU: YES, with 3 EU regions
Donor: Sectorial Dialogues EU - Brazil
Leader: Instituto Brasileiro de Informaçao em Ciencia e Tecnologia (IBICT)
Duration: Nov 2017 - Nov 2018
website: IBICT 


INCOBRA: The objective of this project is to increase and enhance Research & Innovation (R&I) Cooperation Activities between Brazil (BR) and European Union (EU) R&I actors
Main topic: R&I cooperation in areas of agro-food, marine research, energy, nanotechnology and ICT. Networking, partnerships and joint projects EU-Brazil
Targeted countries/regions: EU - Brazil
Cooperation with EU: YES
Donor: H2020
Leader: SPI Portugal
Duration: Feb 2016 - Ju 2018


Kick-Off event of the Sectorial Dialogues project: 
customisation of S3 concept in Brazil (Brasilia, 2017) 

Aiming at facilitating close cooperation with EU regions, the Smart Specialisation platform supports technically and methodologically strategic initiatives leading to implement the smart specialisation concept in non-EU countries. An open call to non-EU regions and countries is available.

OPEN CALL to Non-EU Countries & Regions: registration in the S3 Platform. Expressions of interest for becoming member of the S3 platform can be fulfilled here.  This call targets public authorities in charge of innovation and competitiveness policies at national and sub-national level.

More concretelly, the support of the S3 Platform to the implementation and adaptation of the S3 concept in Brazil is linked to the following activities: 

  • Methodological contribution in peer-to-peer between Latin-American and EU practitioners of S3 
  • Methodological support in the customisation process of S3 
  • Facilitating exchanges and contacts among S3 practitioners and stakeholders
  • Attendance of S3 Platform experts to workshops and conferences (Depending on availability)
  • Co-development of policy analysis
  • Dissemination and communication activities in several channels 
  • Membership to the S3 Platform 
  • Newsletter information 



Events Events

Kick-Off Sectorial Dialogues project: smart specialisation in Brazil

Smart Specialisation in Brazil, challenges and opportunities for regional policies of Innovation

Launching event study: Smart Specialisation in Latin America

The objective of this event is twofold: first, it will allow presenting the main findings of the research study: "Smart Specialisation in Latin America"...

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"Innovation and Regional Specialisation in Latin America" now available in Spanish and Portuguese

Innovation and Regional Specialisation in Latin America is now also available in Spanish and Portuguese.

Launching study: Smart Specialisation in Latin America

The objective of this event is twofold: first, it will allow presenting the main findings of the research study: "Smart Specialisation in Latin...