S2E Team S2E Team

Name Area of Activities
Alessandro Rainoldi Head of Unit, Territorial Development
Mark Boden

Targeted Support, Project Leader

Karel Herman Haegeman  S2E Coordinator
Gerard Carat Analysis of downstream policy instruments (Gerard' Science Hub profile)
Mathieu Doussineau

Analysis of data related to FP7/H2020; structural Funds/ESIF and Eurostat; study of collaboration networks (Mathieu's Science Hub profile)

Nicholas Harrap

Analysis of data related to Structural Funds/ESIF; FP7/H2020 and Eurostat; study of regional knowledge flows  (Nicholas' Science Hub profile)

Nida Ozbolat Analysis of European platforms and policy initiatives; horizontal coordination of S2E national events; development of case studies; analysis of S2E data (Nida's Science Hub profile)
Sylvie Foucault Project support
Susana Valero Project support


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