S3 Team S3 Team

Name Expertise / Functions Country focus
Alessandro Rainoldi Head of Unit, Territorial Development  
Manuel Palazuelos Martínez S3 Platform Team Leader  
Karel Herman Haegeman     
Caroline Cohen Policy analyst, with special focus on S3 implementation FR, DK
Katerina Ciampi Stancova Expert in R&I policies, international/trans-regional cooperation on R&D&I, agri-food CZ, SK
Els De Rademaeker Administrative assistant  
Sylvie Foucault Administrative assistant  
Xenia García Information and Communication Officer (Xenia's Science Hub profile)  
Carlo Gianelle Economist, expert in labour and firm dynamics IT
Ales Gnamus Expert in energy, smart cities and engineering HR, SI, candidate and neighbourhood countries
Javier Gómez Prieto Expert in Energy, European Territorial Cooperation (Interreg), blue growth and S3Worldwide ES, PT, FR
Fabrizio Guzzo Expert in regional and local development IT
Fatime Barbara Hegyi Urban development, monitoring, skill gap analysis, leadership assessment FI, HU
Karolina Horbaczewska    
Annita Kalpaka Expert in Cohesion policy & Innovation and ICT EL, CY
Dimitrios Kyriakou Senior macro-economist CY, EL
Fernando Mérida Expert in innovation policies and territorial cooperation ES, MT
Inma Periañez Forte Expert in policy analysis and governance ES
Nikola Radovanovic Expert in R&I policy analysis and IPRs candidate and neighbourhood countries
Ruslan Rakhmatullin Expert in assessment and evaluation in R&D&I BG, IE
Gabriel Rissola Expert in territorial innovation ecosystems and ICT IT, ES
Isabelle Seigneur Expert in Energy and Innovation (Isabelle's Science Hub profile) BE, ES, NL, AT, DE
Lina Stanionyte Expert in transnational collaboration, macro-regions LT
Monika Matusiak Expert in territorial policies and innovation systems PL candidate and neighbourhood countries