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Facts & Figures

Capital: Ancona

Size: 9,365.9 km2

Population: 1,569,042

Regional GDP: 40,471

% of the National GDP: 2.61

Regional GERD (%): 0.71

% of Unemployment: 6.7

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Torelli, Anna

  Email: anna.torelli@regione.marche.it   Phone: 0039-071 8063602

Bussoletti, Stefania

  Email: stefania.bussoletti@regione.marche.it   Phone: 0039 071 8063440

Piastrellini, Alberto

  Email: alberto.piastrellini@regione.marche.it

S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool

Priority Name Description
Smart homes for smart communities Create an integrated home automation system, including Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) for higher comfort, safety, and energy efficiency.
New advanced industrial automation solutions for mechatronics Robotic, automation systems and haptic interfaces for a higher performance and minimised environmental impact of different sectors, from micro mechanics to biomedical. Advanced mechanical and electronic technologies applied to biomedical sciences.
Ambient Assisted Living and health industry Increasing provision of smart and high quality personal care products/services with focus on solutions and models for active longevity.
Integrated and sustainable manufacturing Application of energy efficient and low environmental impact technologies to productive processes in the manufacturing industries by combining innovation and labour safety procedures

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S3 Strategy:

RIS3 Strategy Marche - Final document in Italian (11/2016)


S3 Process:

Sixth Peer Review - Palma de Mallorca (ES), 07 & 08 February 2013
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